Malala Yousafzai , This name came as a storm in 2012 when this little 14 years old was shot by Taliban on her way to school. In this article there are list of Things We can all learn From “Malala Yousafzai”.

She struggled for her life for almost a month in the hospital and came out as a tigress.She received Nobel Peace prize in 2014.We all know these facts.Did’t we ?? But,do we ever realize what we can implement from her life in ours. Recently, I was reading her book “I am Malala” and was looking some of her interviews and speeches on YouTube. I kept thinking that how we all have excuses to give up on our dreams.I learned and would like to share a lots of things from Malala who is almost a decade younger than me. The things anyone can inspire from.So the Things We can all learn From “Malala Yousafzai”:

Stand up for your beliefs & Raise Your Voice

Always raise your voice when you feel that injustice is happening around you.May be it will take some time ,but sooner or later people will definitely hear you. Speak what you believe.It will make some change,May be not immediately but some day definitely.Don’t follow the herd. You are Unique.

Dare to Dream and Never Give Up

She has a dream of having a world ,where all girls will get reach to education.And She is working for it.No matter what the circumstances are, if you care about someone or something,refuse to quit & cling to your dreams till the very end.

Revenge and Hate makes you weak

In an interview on comedy central Malala said that When She came to knew that Taliban is behind her and if they will come to kill her she will tell them ,” How important education is, and I want education for your children also.” You must fight others with Peace and dialogues.So Guys, use your energy in positive things rather than plotting revenges and keeping hatred.

These are some simple looking things ,But if we implement these in our lives we will feel different and useful.Have some purpose in life, otherwise you are no different than animals.

If a 14 years old Girl can do it , if she can take bullets in her head and still can keep going, than whats stopping you.Whats your excuse.If She can raise her voice against terrorism than you can at least start from smaller things.If She can fight for dreams of a million girls than at least you can start from yours.

Believe in yourself and give your life a purpose.Stay focused. Stay simple.




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