My Dear Son,

My heartfelt blessings and lots of wishes on your 11th Birthday. Today as you completed your 11th and entered your 12th Year, I wish to share some advice with you. I won’t bore you with positive thoughts, inspirational quotes or all the paths that lead to success. Hold on… You have just completed your eleventh year not 11th grade. I will be sharing the basics that I learnt from my parents when I was at your age. Even small little things which I am still learning and think you need to start practice them from this age only.

Always be “Thankful”. It’s very trivial advice but as we grow older we stop caring using this word. We consider each and everything for granted which is given to us by our family or nature. When I was of your age my parents advised to thank God after opening my eyes in the morning and everything that happens in a day. So this practice made me sure till now that everything happens for a reason because everything what we are doing or happening is planned by God and God can never do wrong with us.

My Mom says, when you wake up in the morning just touch the ground and say “Jai Dharti Maa”. Be Thankful to Sun, Air, Water and everything that makes you alive. My point here is not to make you religious mind, but just to practice all such mentioned things. Automatically you will start observing the Magic, the “Magic” of faith and trust. Then your inner happiness can’t be stolen by anyone.

Now you must learn how to be physically and mentally presentable socially. Yes, my dear “socially”-with your friends, their families, our relatives, where we will not be with you all the times.

Always remember “we are born to learn”. Be curious to know everything happening around you. Never hesitate to ask something you don’t know or have little knowledge. We all are there to feed your curiosities. From child to young to old, every person is learning. Even a child can learn from mature person and vice versa. A child learns the logic behind everything to become mature but mature person wants to learn a child’s innocence because he had lost this in finding logics. Irony … But learning process goes on.

Now my dear you will be entering in age of competition. Have a fighting spirit of Lion but if result is not in your favor then just calm down and remember that every day is not your day. But someday will be your day only if you start learning what makes you far from winning. Never lose your confidence just repeat this proverb in your mind “As you sow, so shall you reap”. So, you must sow your best seeds to get the awesome fruits. Just always be calm to think what goes wrong in spite of saying why it happened with me. This attitude will help you to learn even more.

Apart from everything you know perfectly that you are the most smart, intelligent and lovable prince of your parents. Your hugs, kisses and innocence are my precious assets. You can make your school bus waited for you, but can never step out without hugging me. It makes me energized for full day to be there always for you and making your every moment special.

Make your parents proud with your honesty, thankfulness and being lovable by all.

Love you a lot and my last three magic words “Main Hoon Na” never forget that. God bless you always.

Your Mother

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