I am not a writer, but yes, I am the one who writes everyday… For my kids whether its poems or lines for the elocution. Universally, the mother gives birth to a child but the fact goes –

Child gives birth to a mother.

A mother is just a woman; she becomes a mother with her child. Both (mother and child) are new in their relationship, only with a difference, a child sees whole world through his/her mother’s eyes but mother sees whole world in her Child.

I can say…I have experienced, when my child was born… I was born “Emotionally”. A child after being born is curious to know the world, to live in the world. But a mother is only curious to know what her child yearns for, to live the dreams of her child. This is true that a child always have an urge for mother besides him but no one can deny that mother too always desiderate her child close to her eyes .Not only child is dependent on his mother for his walk but mother also delightfully goes where her child moves. Yes, I am born emotionally…when my child eats satisfactorily I really endure my hunger but when he doesn’t eats I can’t understand where my hunger bugs out.

What’s life and its purpose? All such questions were irrelevant in my life before my son. When he as a baby was in my arms that moment takes me in flashback when I used to think, what if I die ?As a daughter, sister or as a wife. I used to feel everything will go same, may with time or some changes, but will be streamlined. Now things have changed, No time and No changes in the World can give such warmth, shower blessings on my child as I can give him. Everyone allege, time is a great healer but I rebuff…As time and again, child needs his mother even he gets old. As well as mother needs her child even when she gets old.

I used to pray God for my family and their happiness, now I pray for me too. Almost at last…but do. I want to live; even I don’t want to feel sick. Always beseech to give me strength so that my child never suffers because of me.

These ecstasies doesn’t connotes that the mother is a feeble personality rather after being reborn as a mother her all past feebleness are turned into strength. She might be the personality who never complaints on being hurt or can successfully conceal her emotions. But after parturition she is more strengthy than a lion .If she can punish her child for something wrong then she can even dare to damn someone who does something wrong with her child.

The spirit of love, revenge, passion, violence, strength, virtue, fervor, gist and guts may or may not be present in every women but every mother is charged with these spirits.

This is the “New Birth. A Birth of mother’s everlasting emotions, birth of creativity.

Happy Parenting with BuddingStar ..!


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