Swimming pools are loved and enjoyed by many. They provide a cool environment to relax and have fun especially after a long day and during hot seasons. Most people spend their leisure time in pools, and for this reason, pool maintenance is as essential as maintaining our homes and cars.

Maintaining your pool makes it last longer. Regular checks on your pool help you find and fix problems on time before they get worse and destroy your pool. These checks reduce the cost of repairing serious damages and therefore saving pool owners a fortune. Pool maintenance ensures that the pool works correctly and that water is clean and clear. Pool water can be dangerous as it can cause several illnesses. Proper pool maintenance ensures that water is thoroughly cleaned hence making pools safe. The following are some of the effective ways to maintain your pool.

Check your pump regularly

The pump is the heart of the pool. It pushes your pool water to the filters for cleaning. A damaged pump, therefore, makes the pool dirty and unsafe for use. Ensure that your pump is appropriately running for the required amount of time. A professional will help you determine how long your pump should run depending on the size of the pool, the pump and the pipes. If your pump does not run as it should, it is important to find professional help as soon as you can.

Maintain a clean filtration system.

The pool’s filtration system clears dirt from the water. This system consists of cartridge filters, sand filters, and diatomaceous earth filters. Sand filters are cleaned by back-washing and with a filter cleaner. Cartridge filters help to clear oils and loose debris from the water. To clean these filters, take out the cartridge and let soak it for about 12 hours in the filter cleaner then rinse it with clean water. It is also crucial to have a spare set of cartridge in case of an emergency. DE filters also require back-washing to clean them. Coating them in fresh DE after back-washing is necessary. Ensure that you dismantle your DE filter annually to thoroughly clean and inspect every part of it. Dirty filters make pool water unhygienic so ensure that you clean and replace your filters. Robotic pool cleaners such as Dolphin Quantum also help to filter and clean your pool and your pool water.

Test your water weekly.

Pool water contains dissolved substances such as chemicals and metals that should be put in check or eliminated to prevent them from damaging the pool. Check your water pH every week to ensure that it is on the required level.  When the water is too acidic, it destroys the walls and floor of your pool. Water with a high base level becomes cloudy because of the formation of deposits. A pH of about 7.0 is ideal for chlorine to decontaminate your pool water.  Use a pH increaser and a pH decreaser to balance the pH.  Also, check for the presence and levels of metals in your pool water. Metals such as copper and iron can stain the surfaces of your pool. It is therefore vital to remove these metals using a stain remover and to eliminate any of its sources. Also, consider using chemicals such as algaecide and bromine that are effective in removing algae and bacteria.

In conclusion, swimming pools, like any other equipment, need special care and attention. Do not ignore any issues regarding your pool.

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