The long awaited monsoon is finally here! So here are Few Monsoon Tips for Baby which can easily ensure that he not only enjoys the monsoons but stays healthy too…!

  1. Healthy diet:

    Boost your kid’s Immunity by including almonds and nuts, curd, soup and home cooked food only. Avoid Street food!

    Monsoon Tips for Baby

  2. Boiled water:

    Make your child drink plenty of boiled water to prevent dehydration. Carry water bottle when going out!

    Monsoon Tips for your Baby

  3. Personal Hygiene:

    Ask your kid to Sanitize his hands before & after meals.

    Monsoon Tips for your baby

  4. Clothes & Footwear:

    Dress you child in loose clothes made of light cotton. For footwear- Synthetic chappals & Gumboots are ideal for child.

    Monsoon Tips for Baby

  5. Foot Care:

    Kid’s feet, shoes and socks must be kept dry and clean. Get him used to wearing slippers or socks inside the house.

    Monsoon Tips for Baby

  6. Cold & Flu:

    Avoid taking your baby out for long during this season as their immunity isn’t strong and they are more prone to cold and flu.

    Monsoon Tips for Baby

  7. Cleanliness:

    Keep your child’s room clean and dry. Maintain normal room temperature in their rooms.

    Monsoon Tips for Baby

  8. No Nail Biting:

    Prevent your child from biting his nails as this will cause him to ingest any infection that may be on his hands.

    Monsoon Tips for Baby

  9. Kids Gear:

    Get your kid colorful umbrella, fancy raincoat to make him stay away from getting drenched!

    Monsoon Tips for Baby

  10. Hot water Bath:

    Give kid a hot bath if he gets drenched in the rain.

    Monsoon Tips for Baby

  11. Mosquito-Proof:

    Use mosquito’s nets in the kid’s room instead of mosquito coils. Keep surroundings clean!

    Monsoon Tips for Baby

  12. Vaccination:

    Some flu vaccines available in the market which may be given before the monsoon starts but always take your doctor’s advice.

    Monsoon Tips for Baby


So, now that you know of these simple Monsoon tips for baby which can protect him/her from any untoward illnesses this monsoon, we are sure that you will let him/her jump in as many puddles as he/she wants!

Happy Monsoon..!!!

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