Old is becoming New Trend-In terms of raising kids!!!

About old raising

If one traces the traditional way of raising the kids in regards of health, then one would realize how easy it was to keep raise kids hale and hearty. Since early ages it is known that first five years of every child is critical because these are the years when infant’s initial development takes place which is the foundation of healthy life. The changes child experiences in these years helps the kid to turn into well-nourished adult. Moreover, this the time when you shape your relationship with child in a way you want to last it for lifetime.

How old day’s upbringing is going to be a new trend?

As per popular saying “Old Is Gold”,  old age was rich with simplicity, nutritious food and unviability of  TV, internet and mobiles.  Kids used to have natural life due to which most of them leads healthy lives.

Kids Upbringing is described on how to make them learn social behavior; inculcate thinking and communication skills which are basic need of human life.

However being a part of this era it’s very difficult to do child’s natural care after having so many things in life.

Have you ever felt that due to technology Upbringing of child has rather become difficult? We know few things at back of mind, which are not good for kids, but we still do not avoid or unable to avoid them .

Below is list of few things which we should try avoiding by making few changes in Parent’s Own Lifestyle.

In first five years of your Kids try to keep them away from technology like TV, playing games on the phone or internet as well as toys like baby monitor or etc,. This step will protect overall development of your kids along with mind in an appreciable way.

Healthy foods provide your children the energy and nutrients they need to nurture and grow. It helps to develop their sense of taste for all types of food, so make them eat all the fruits and green vegetable along dairy products.

Say no to junk food in these years, because junk food can generate lots of issues in the small immune system of infant. So keep it away to keep your children healthy for their lifetime.

We all know being physically active make kids and adults more energetic and improve stamina. It nurtures their motor skills, helps them think creative and gives them prospect to discover  world. To make your child more active keep yourself active, because children’s first influence is their parents.

So, we can say that Old is becoming New Trend- In terms of raising kids!!!

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