Near 70% of families have taken a road trip together at least once. Road trips are a great way for families to form stronger bonds and learn to work together better, as you chat and play games in the car. They also help children develop their understanding of geography and gain an appreciation for the wider world. When you have a large family, it’s particularly important to plan your road trip well to make sure it goes as enjoyably and smoothly as possible, and with minimal stress.

Consider Space

When you’re spending long periods of time in the car together, space is a major consideration. You need room to pack all your luggage, snacks, water, medical kit, and toys and games. Ideally, a roomy vehicle like a small or mid-size truck can provide your family with the ample space you need. Small and mid-size pickups also have powerful engines and motors that you can rely on to get you from A to B on longer journeys. Otherwise, you can consider renting a truck, or even two vehicles instead of one larger car. Not only does this option cost less than renting a single large vehicle, but you’ll also easily be able to separate any children who don’t travel well together.

Pack Enough Snacks

If you don’t pack enough snacks, you’re going to find yourself making multiple stops along the way — which will drastically slow down your journey. Not only does bringing your own snacks and drinks cut down on how many stops you need to make, but it also means you’ll spend way less money on food. Purchasing your snacks in bulk is the most cost-effective option; you can then simply separate the food into individual portions to pass out to everyone. For example, you could put together a fun and healthy bento box. This could include some gluten-free pretzels or popcorn, string cheese, rolled-up organic lunch meat, apple slices or grapes, and veggie slices with hummus for dipping. Aim for a good balance of healthy fats, protein, and complex carbohydrates.

Plan Rest Breaks

Making regular rest breaks is essential to keep everyone feeling refreshed while you’re on the road. The longer your journey, the more stops you’ll need to make. Planning your rest breaks in advance can make things easier, as you’ll already know where to find the best bathroom stops, restaurants, or play/exercise areas along your route. Taking the time to find a grassy area at one of your rest stops and playing a game of hide-and-seek or throwing a ball around gives the kids the opportunity to run around and let off steam. If your journey’s a longer one, also make sure you take turns driving with your partner. This how planning road trip with family is done.
A road trip is an experience every family should have at least once. By using a spacious vehicle, packing enough snacks, and planning regular rest breaks, you can make sure your road trip is enjoyable for everyone involved.