Potty training for toddlers is a milestone. It is a big step for kids. Though urination and defecation is a process as natural as ingestion of food, but it requires more efforts for potty training. Its easy to make kids learn to eat , whereas playing with their urge to defecate and the typical bowels is a little more tricky. Hence, there is a need for proper potty training.

Potty training for toddlers is a step-by-step process, which includes the basic indication of the need to go for potty and how and when to use potty-chair or shit-pot. For successful potty training, there is no specific age. Some toddlers even at the age of one and a half years learn the art very easily whereas at times up to 3 is the age for potty training. So, potty training is not a well-demarcated process.

Following are the signs and symbols which indicate that a toddler is fit for potty training:

  • when a toddler understands and reacts to the basic interactions i.e. following directions is a pre-requisite during potty training.
  • when the potty training toddler makes specific facial expressions or posture when he needs to urinate or go for potty
  • when your toddler knows the meaning of being wet, means the time is right for potty training.
  • when your toddler is uncomfortable with wet diapers and try to remove them.
  • when the potty training is not done and he gets frequent diaper rashes.
  • when a toddler knows well to sit and get up on his own, he is ready for potty training.
  • when the toddler can pull up or down his pants.

Potty Training for Toddlers

Potty training can be easy or difficult depending upon the individual. Nut if your toddler is giving many of the above indications, means he is ready for potty training. In fact it is a patience requiring process. Here are some important tips for the efficient potty training for toddlers to be kept in mind:

Potty Training for Toddlers:


Most important point in potty training for toddlers according to me is setting up a rapport between the potty training toddler and the washroom. Take your toddler more frequently to the washroom before you actually introduce potty training. I always used to take my toddler to wash hands, to make him understand the purpose of the place.

Potty Training for Toddlers



I think it is better to use a proper potty chair-equipment than the real shit-pot in potty training. I always prefer the use of attractive potty chairs in the form of scooters, cars, etc. which makes potty training for toddlers a part of their fun. Properly demonstrate the method of using the equipment. I personally recommend the use of potty chairs with removable urine guards as it is easy to handle while potty training.

Potty Training for ToddlersPotty Training for ToddlersPotty Training for Toddlers

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The process of potty training for toddlers has to be a time-regulated process based on their urge to urinate or their bowel movements. Kindly observe them and ask them repeatedly to be taken to washroom till you are working on it. I used to make a time-table and take my toddler mainly after the meals, in mornings, noon, evening and lastly at nights. Night training is the toughest and should not be imposed while potty training.


The training for toddlers should be done in a play-way method like providing the toddlers with some toy while they sit on the potty. I used to tell stories to my toddler while he sits on the potty. This increases the time of each session this training. Always encourage them and never scold or punish during this.

Potty Training for ToddlersPotty Training for Toddlers


Its better to use diaper pants than regular diapers in potty training for toddlers so that they can easily pull their pants and sit on potty chair.


While potty training for toddlers, always use terms like pee- pee or shoo-shoo which the toddlers understand or ask them to touch their pants to indicate. My toddler used to shout shoo shoo and run to the potty by himself.


Potty training should be carried out with full hygiene. Ask them to wash hands regularly and dispose and clean their potty every time.

  • Last but not the least, my very personal tip concerning potty training for toddlers is that remove even diapers if the toddler is indicating. Do not ignore these indications during thixs. Do not let them do in the diaper otherwise, you will disrupt their practice and all efforts will be a waste. My kid used to be-fool me at times but every time I used to take him to potty so that his confidence is not lost.

These are my personal experiences regarding potty training for toddlers. Dear mothers, do refer to these tips for successful potty training for your toddlers. Make it a fun-learn process for them. All you need is patience and time management during the entire session. So train your toddlers well!

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