Mother is not just a word, its an amalgam of love, emotion, care and duty. Motherhood is a very adventurous journey where a girl gets metamorphosized into a woman. We often say that, “Every child is different”. It is a very famous quote by Froebel- “A great child educationalist who introduced the concept of kindergarten. The main principle is to work according to the nature of the child and his innate potentialities as every child is different”. But the underlying fact that we often neglect is that the above notion corresponds to another universal fact that every mother is different too. Just like we as humans are different from each other, every mother is different in her own way. 

When every child is different in outlook, behaviour, habits, etc. then why impose a mother to work on her child in a stereotypical manner only. She too is every time a different woman. Sometimes she is working, she manages between work and child. At other times, she is a full-time mom who keeps a regular check on her kids. Why to compare these two and expect from each one of them to act in a similar manner? We need to acknowledge that every mother is a different mother but they all love their children in their own way; one we cannot really comprehend.

Every mother has the right to practice her own mind on her child without any impulsion or intervention. She should not be questioned by anyone. It is her will what she feeds her child, what she make him wear and how she does all her work. For God’s sake, she should not be forced to tame her child the way exactly how other kids in the family have been raised. They are so because of their mothers. This is because different mothers have different ways of raising and nurturing their children. We cannot compare one way of parenting with another. 

A list of do-s and don’t- s is often imposed by our society on a newly evolved mother, who is still striving to learn to behave like a mother. Ignoring all her pains, she devotes herself fully to the mercy of the child, being deprived of sleep, comfort and almost everything. And it has been thought that not every mother is a good mother if she does not follow the societal implications on how to raise a child. Which needs to be changed. Every mom knows her child well and knows the child’s need better than anyone else can even comprehend. 

Make her feel her journey of motherhood rather than boasting upon her a huge bundle of responsibilities which never seem to fade away. She has all rights to rear her child the way she wants because she owes her child. While you might not have the same perspective as another mother, still there’s a lot to learn from every-mother. Working mothers are blamed for neglecting the kids and non working mothers are always offended for pampering their kids a lot. So it is all conditional and situation- specific and the over judgmental outlook of the society. In the name of experience, old-aged people underestimate young mothers of their baby care methods forgetting that experience alone cannot out way the more apt knowledge that young educated mothers have.

It is the difference in the upbringing only that makes a difference in the personality of a child throughout his life. For every child to be different, let every mother be different.

In the end, we must all acknowledge that every mother every father is different and they know how to care for their child, even better than any unsolicited advice we give them.

It is a universal fact that all of us are different individuals, unique in our own way. We have different genes in our body, were raised in different environments, have different opinions and lead our separate lives. This is true even for mothers who have just given birth to their babies. They are just individuals like us, figuring out how to be an ideal mother for her child. But the definition of ideal mother does not exist because all of us are ideal in our own way, and know exactly what our baby needs during a time of crisis. 

The same situation can be dealt with in several different ways by different mother’s. If your baby refuses to sleep and keeps on crying, some mom’s would suggest giving him some milk, others would let him cry it out or try to distract him. Parenting need not be done in one way because just like your kids are unique, the parents are unique too. Every mother loves her child and wants what’s best for him/her. So it’s time to stop judging parents for the way they raise their child, because they ultimately know what they are doing. Every mother is unique and has a special bond with her child. She adores her baby with all her heart and would give anything to keep him safe and healthy. 

Family pressures, unsolicited advice from strangers or even friends can make you confused about whether you are doing something right or wrong. There is no exact formula for how to raise a baby. So you must not pay heed to such comments that your baby should only be raised a certain way because that is how other babies in your household were raised, it is simply unfair. Every mother is different and loves her baby in her own way, you should just give her space and some time to learn what is best for her baby.

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