A Complete Information Guide on Pregnancy Week 17

By Pregnancy week 17, the sweating glands of your baby are developed and fully functional. Your baby is now able to open and close his/her mouth to breathe.

We are quite sure that you must be feeling sometimes terrible about your pregnancy and must be sweating with the feeling of delivery. So, you’re not alone here. Your baby is sweating too. 

During the 17th week of your pregnancy, your belly is expanded that much size which can affect your center of gravity. So be careful from now onwards, and watch your every step. Any carelessness can be harmful to you and for your baby.

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Fetal Development in Pregnancy Week 17:  Pregnancy week 17

In Pregnancy week 17:

  • Size of baby – 5.12 inches (13 cm)
  • Weight of baby – 4.94 ounces (140 grams)
  • Baby is now like a size of Pomegranate.

Your uterus is changing its shape now. It has now occupied your pelvic region and pushing your intestines for having more space. If you observe then you may find that the top of the uterus is now more round and growing in length-wise. Inside your uterus, the placenta is getting thicker to provide nutrition and deliver oxygen to your baby.

Additionally, your baby is beginning to form adipose (a body fat) to fill out his/her fine features. At the end of this week, Vernix Caseosa will start to develop, a white substance coating which is found in a newborn baby. It has got antibacterial properties and is also a moisturizing agent which protects your baby’s sensitive skin from amniotic fluid.

Your baby has made his/her skeleton stronger as compared to previous soft cartilage. The joint bones are also functioning properly. By this week a protective substance called Myelin is developed around the spinal cord of your baby. Myelin is a fatty substance which is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system. 

Pregnancy week 17                                                               Image courtesy: http://birthliteracy.com

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Moods & Symptoms in Pregnancy Week 17:

You are now free from your early pregnancy symptoms, but now the symptoms which are associated in the second trimester are due to the physical changes in your body. The body changes and symptoms during the second trimester which you can feel are the following:

  • Constipation – We have mentioned that all-important hormones create some unwanted side-effects and constipation is one of them. The pregnancy makes bowel movement less active which gives you uncomfortable feeling. To handle constipation easily, start taking fiber-rich diet like oats, root vegetables (carrots, and potatoes), etc. and drink plenty of water.
  • Heartburn or Acidity – This unpleasant symptom will continue to be there with you for few more weeks. Stay away from oily and spicy foods and consult with your doctor to get prescribed antacids.
  • Ligament pain and Cramps in the legs – are also common during this phase of pregnancy due to the growing weight of the uterus.
  • A backache – This happens due to the pressure of growing uterus on your lower backbone. You may use a pillow to ease yourself.
  • Light-headed – You will feel some times light headed.
  • Increased Size of your breasts – The size of breasts will increase and it is indicating that milk ducts and tissues are getting prepared for nursing your little one.
  • Pregnancy Glow – Your face might look brighter and shinier. This is due to an increased blood flow during pregnancy. 
  • Food cravings –  may keep you following for more time. Do your best to find healthy foods that appeal to you and prefer to eat frequently but in small quantity.
  • Loose teeth – Ligaments and bones in your mouth can also be affected by hormones which can cause your teeth to fall out or loosen them. Regular dentist check ups are must in pregnancy.
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Do’s and Don’ts in Pregnancy Week 17:

As you are moving ahead with your pregnancy, here are some tips for Pregnancy week 17 to follow: 

Eat right. Have nutritionally balanced and healthy diet.Quit spicy and oily foods. Do not follow any unhealthy routine.
Exercise or practice Yoga. Take small nap in afternoon so that body can take rest.Be safe and avoid any risky activity.
Your baby can recognize your voice now, so it is good to develop a special bond between you and your baby by communicating. So, talk to your little one whenever you want to. If you notice any allergy, do not consume any Over-the-counter (OTC) medicine. Before consuming any medicine, consult your doctor.
Sleep on your sides.Avoid sleeping on your tummy.
Spend some good time with your partner.Do not hide your feelings. You may feel sometimes very low.
Talk to your doctor regarding the vaccinations.Avoid wearing heels.
Drink plenty of water (3 litres a day) to stay hydrated.Do not get addicted to caffeine. Drink in moderation.
Continue with your Folic acid every day.Don’t take stress and exertion.

This trimester is described as honeymoon period. So, enjoy this phase! Enjoy and have fun with your growing bump by clicking photographs.

Happy Pregnancy!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. How do I communicate with my baby, as it is not easy to communicate with your belly?

Ans: You can connect with your baby by reading books, singing and even by doing meditation. However, not everyone feels comfortable talking to their baby who is in womb, so do not worry.

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