A Complete Information Guide on Pregnancy Week 19

By Pregnancy Week 19, the fundal height of your uterus has increased to your belly button.

You have already completed your four months and by next week, you will complete your 5th month of pregnancy. Just keep the smile alive on your face always!

Let us see this week’s fetal development, with your body changes, changing symptoms and of course some advice of Do’s and Don’ts during the 19th week of pregnancy.

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Fetal Development in Pregnancy Week 19:  Pregnancy week 19

In Pregnancy week 19:

  • Size of baby – 6.0 inches (15.24 cm)
  • Weight of baby – 8.5 ounces (240 grams)
  • Baby is now as big as a Mango.

The sensory organs are developing at their peak. The nerve cells of the respective senses have now started developing into their specialized area of the brain. Your baby is now undergoing some rapid changes and development like cognitive development, and motor skills. The baby’s brain is developing those nerves that help the brain muscles to communicate with other organs.

Now your baby is covered in waxy white substance called Vernix Caseosa (this was started getting developed in 17th week of your pregnancy). Vernix has got antibacterial properties and is also a moisturizing agent which protects your baby’s sensitive skin from amniotic fluid. This automatically sheds off before your baby’s birth. But in case of premature birth, your baby will be more likely covered in Vernix but it can be easily removed by wiping him/her gently.

Your baby sleeps for almost 20 hours in a day. The body of a baby undergoes some significant changes this week by getting into proper shape and his/her tiny hands and legs are taking more proportionate shape according to the body. Your baby is now able to secrete urine into an amniotic sac which the baby drinks it again.

Pregnancy week 19

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Moods & Symptoms in Pregnancy Week 19:

During 19 weeks of pregnancy, the body changes, moods and the symptoms of yours can be like following:

  • A small, yet noticeable bump.
  • An increase in your breast size which will start producing colostrum.
  • Braxton Hicks Contractions (the tightening of an abdomen that comes and goes).
  • An increase in fundal height.
  • Edema (swollen feet).
  • A backache, and ligament pain.
  • A change in your vision.
  • Bleeding gums and you may feel changes in your taste.
  • Vagina discharge.
  • Fatigue and breathlessness.
  • Congestion and colds.
  • Constipation.
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Do’s and Don’ts in Pregnancy Week 19:

  • In throughout the journey of pregnancy, many vital changes take place in and outside your body. It is important to enjoy every moment and embrace the upcoming celebrations. Your baby feels what you feel, therefore, be happy as your baby will feel good. And all these discomforts which you are facing right now will go away. So, try to be cheerful and relaxed. Don’t take stress and exertion.
  • Read books, listen to the music, go for a light walk and always share your thoughts and feelings with your partner and doctor.
  • Please remember, try to avoid hearing loud music near the loudspeakers as it gives discomfort to the baby who is in your womb.
  • Prefer eating the green leafy vegetables are the good source of iron, calcium and vital nutrients which are highly needed during pregnancy. Fresh fruits, lentils and cereals are always considered good to produce colostrum.
  • Continue with your Folic acid every day.
  • Avoid wearing heels.
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  • Try substitutes: Coffee can be substituted for tea. Black tea for green. Chocolate can be substituted for kheer or similar healthy dessert. Savoury jaljeera and neebupani can replace cola.
  • Positive Distraction: Whenever you feel the urge to have a cup of coffee/tea, try to shift your focus on something else like reading and educating yourself about something, taking a walk, listening to some inspirational talks.

Read how safe are caffeinated drinks like Coffee/Tea during Pregnancy for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Are herbs good to be taken during pregnancy?

Ans: Many of us believe that herbs are always good to be taken or consumed. But during pregnancy, this rule doesn’t apply. Many herbs are there which are unsafe to consume during pregnancy. They can lead to the complications which can be more severe than the consumption of over-the-counter medicine. Therefore, it always good to be more cautious and attentive before taking any medicine or herb. Always prefer to consult your doctor first for better guidance and support.

  1. I am an asthmatic. Can I use an inhaler?

Ans: Yes, an inhaler is considered to be safe during pregnancy as 1/3rd women reports to be an asthmatic while being pregnant but they had delivered the healthy babies. So, it is better to use an inhaler rather than keeping your asthma out of control.

Whenever you get time, try to talk to your baby by placing your hand on your tummy. Listen to soft music. It’s common that you will have mood swings. So, try to be involved in activities that make you happy, keeping in consideration that those activities doesn’t involve any risk. 

Happy Pregnancy!

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