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Fetal Development in Pregnancy week 24

Moods and Symptoms in Pregnancy week 24

Do’s and Don’ts in Pregnancy week 24

For Your Reference- Pregnancy Week 24

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A Complete Information Guide on Pregnancy Week 24

By Pregnancy week 24, the fundal height may range from 23-28cm from your pubic bone which is nearly 2 inches above your belly button.

Dear Mommy! You have now a reason to smile. The development of your baby is happening rapidly and in next 16 weeks, you will meet your baby. You deserve to be happy and enjoy this beautiful phase of life.

You’re five months and about one week pregnant. Let us have a look what is happening to you and your baby.

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Fetal Development in Pregnancy Week 24: Pregnancy week 24

In Pregnancy week 24:

  • Size of baby – 11.8 inches (29.97 cm)- from crown to heel.
  • Weight of baby – 1.3 pound (600 grams)
  • Baby is about the size of an ear of Corn.

The baby has started gaining weight more rapidly.

  • Your baby’s brain growth is at a fast pace. His/her taste buds are developing.
  • Baby’s face is almost fully formed. The skin is becoming more opaque now. The blood capillaries (the smallest blood vessels) have started forming. His kicks are more recognizable.
  • And the more interesting development is the formation of the crease on your little one’s palm.
  • As the baby is growing day by day so the baby’s lungs are maturing too. The lungs have started producing a substance called Surfactant which keeps the tiny air sac in the lungs open. The baby has started practicing breathing inside the womb while exhaling amniotic fluid.

Pregnancy week 24

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Moods & Symptoms in Pregnancy Week 24:

The common symptoms and body changes to look out for are mentioned below:

  • Edema (swelling of feet and ankles) – An edema is common during pregnancy, but if you have severe swelling or you are swollen with sudden onset, then it is advised to consult your doctor immediately as it can a be a sign of Preeclampsia (a serious condition characterized by high blood pressure). Make sure you eat right and healthy. Stay active and go for a walk whenever you are comfortable.
  • The Appearance of stretch marks on your belly. Stretch marks may give you itching. Do not scratch your tummy as it can lead to an inflammation. Apply an olive oil or any moisturizer to ease from itching.
  • Blurred vision If you are seeing double please don’t panic. Your tear production decreases (because of pregnancy hormones) which increases the fluid buildup in the eye that results in obscuring your vision. If you are feeling dryness in your eyes, use eye drops after consulting your doctor. Once your baby will be born, this symptom will fly off.
  • Constipation –  If you’re not drinking plenty of water or fluids. To avoid constipation, you can also start consuming fibre-rich diet.
  • Braxton Hicks Contractions – You may feel sometimes the tightening of your lower abdomen. This is a Braxton Hicks Contractions. These irregular and painless contractions can be felt for 15 seconds to 1 minute. But if in case, you feel that the duration is getting longer and painful or you are contracting regularly, leaking fluid or bleeding then please contact your doctor as these can be the signs of pre-term labor.
  • Itchiness – You may feel itchiness and redness in your palms and bottom of your feet which is known as palmar erythema. This happens because your blood volume increases and due to an increase of oestrogen. For instant relief apply ice pack or cold water to your palms or feet.
  • Heartburn or Acidity –  Stay away from oily and spicy foods and consult with your doctor to get prescribed antacids.

Note: This week or in coming weeks your doctor may advise you to take GTT that is Glucose tolerance test to check for gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is high blood sugar condition which may happen in pregnant woman and once the baby is born this will automatically vanish. If you are diagnosed with this, please don’t panic. Your doctor will advise you proper medications for this.

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Do’s and Don’ts in Pregnancy Week 24:

Read following important tips for Pregnancy week 24 to follow.

Continue with your Folic Acid every day. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.Avoid over stressing yourself.
Exercise or practice Yoga.Do not swim or get involved in any activity which is associated with some risk. Avoid wearing heels.
Go for a walk, stay active. Be active but be relaxed. Sit by keeping your feet elevated to prevent from excess swelling.To prevent pregnancy edema, do not sit in the same position for a longer duration.
Follow the medications properly. Eat healthy and nutritional foods. Try eating smaller meals throughout the day.Skip none meals. Avoid consuming spicy, oily and fried food. Do not follow any unhealthy routine.
Sleep on your sides. You can use pillow by your sides to get comfortable while sleeping.Avoid sleeping on your tummy.

It’s a new journey for you and your partner. Don’t panic at all. Never hesitate to take any advice from your doctor, be it any small thing.

To-Be Moms, you are blessed 😊. Just stay happy and calm.

Happy Pregnancy!

For your reference- Pregnancy Week 24:


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