A Complete Information Guide on Pregnancy Week 4

Welcome to the beginning of pregnancy! Pregnancy week 4 indicates the beginning and the starting point of an embryo development.

It is an implantation stage; hence the blastocyst will settle in your uterus lining and then it will split to form an embryo (which will become your daughter or son) and the placenta.

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Note: Remember Pregnancy is measured starting with the first day of your last menstrual period.

Fetal Development in Pregnancy Week 4:

In Pregnancy week 4:

  • Size of baby/embryo 0.04 inches (1 mm)   
  • Weight of baby – Still too small to weigh
  • Baby is about the size of Poppy seed.

Poppy seed sized embryo consists of two layers which are:

  • Epiblast
  • Hypoblast

These above two layers will help in the formation of your baby’s body structure. 

During this week, the placenta and amniotic sac will start forming. Amniotic sac contains amniotic fluid which cushions and provides nutrition to the baby till the placenta is fully functional. Placenta grows to give nutrition and oxygen supply to growing baby. Until the 10th week, many organs of your baby will develop and some of them will start functioning too.

There are three distinct layers of cells that grows to form the different parts of your baby’s body.

  • The endoderm layer (inner layer) transforms into digestive systems, lungs and liver.
  • The mesoderm layer (middle layer) transforms into your baby’s heart, genitals, kidneys, muscles and bones.
  • And the outer layer which is called an ectoderm layer gets transformed into your baby’s hair, eyes and skin.

Pregnancy Week 4                                                                  Image courtesy: Raising Children Network

Moods & Symptoms in Pregnancy Week 4:

The pregnancy hormones can give you the following symptoms to check:

  • Implantation Bleeding – As blastocyst begins to attach your womb, many women reports for implantation bleeding. This type of bleeding is light in color and stays for a shorter time period. Sometimes, it is only a sort of spotting. This implantation bleeding is often mistaken with regular periods.
  • Bloating – This is due to the change in your hormones. You may feel a little bloated near to your abdominal area.
  • Mood Swings – While being pregnant, there is a big change in hormonal levels. So, the sudden change in your mood also is a result of hormonal changes. Sometimes, you may feel highly irritated, or sometimes very depressed or full of anxiety. Speak to your gynecologist for seeking better support and guidance.
  • Mild cramps – It is clear indication of implantation of the blastocyst. During 4th week of pregnancy, mild cramps are totally normal; however, if you feel severe cramps then it is always advisable to speak to your doctor.
  • Morning sickness – Majority of the pregnant women suffers from morning sickness during their first trimester. Morning sickness comes in a form of vomiting and nausea.
  • Fatigue – While being a 4th week pregnant, you may often realize that you are feeling more often fatigue. You are looking for more energy levels to complete your daily household tasks.
  • Tender breasts – Breasts have become more tender and sore because of hormonal change which is indicating to get started preparing the milk ducts.

Do’s and Don’ts in Pregnancy Week 4:

As it is an early stage of pregnancy, you should check out for the following do’s and don’ts (important tips for Pregnancy week 4) for a happy full-term pregnancy:

Make an appointment with your gynecologist for better guidance and advice.Do not follow the unhealthy lifestyle, such as drinking, smoking, chewing tobacco and excessive intake of caffeine.
Continue Prenatal vitamin with Folic acid (400 mcg) every day.Do not take stress and exertion.
Eat healthy foods and take the nutritionally balanced diet. Stay hydrated. Your water intake must be 3 litres in a day.Do not take over the counter (OTC) medicines except Paracetamol. (Over-dosage of Paracetamol is also not recommended.)
Do start taking natural calcium supplements daily. 
Do practice Yoga or exercise which is good during pregnancy. 

Note: *Do not take over the counter (OTC) medicines except Paracetamol. In case of emergency, consult your doctor before consuming any medicine. Some medications in pregnancy are safe and some are not. Please never hesitate to take advise from your doctor. 

Confused about what to eat when you are pregnant? A healthful diet for pregnancy is one that contains most or all the essential nutrients your body needs. Read “Diet During Pregnancy” to get the best foods for pregnancy and know how these foods will benefit you and your baby.  

Take very good care of yourself! You are blessed and pregnancy will be the most beautiful experience of your life.

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