A recent uproar about Tamil Rockers on social media has got many of us wondering as to what it actually is. Tamil Rockers is a site (tamilrockers.com) that offers free download of pirated content.

Though the website is unheard of in the northern part of the country, it is quite a rage in the south. It offers free downloads of pirated South Indian movies but it is not limited to just that. Various Bollywood, Hollywood and other regional movies are available for download. One can even find a lot of the original Netflix content on the site as well. A lot of latest Bollywood movies like Uri, The Accidental Prime Minister, Manikarnika and the like are available for download. Saif Ali Khan starrer Netflix show “Sacred Games” is also a victim of piracy.

Recently few members of Tamil Rockers forum got booked and arrested at Coimbatore, giving a sigh of relief to all the Kollywood film makers and producers. Though the site has been blocked by the Government, it comes up with various proxy servers which makes tracking and blocking a difficult task.

Tamilrockers was getting accessed by the following domain names:

Tamilrockers .cc ( From Mar 7 onwards) 
Tamilrockers .to (Apr 20 onwards) 
Tamilrockers .be (Jul 6 onwards ) 
Tamilrockers .pm (Jul 28 onwards) 
Tamilrockers .ws (Aug 11 onwards) 
Tamilrockers .lu (Sep 6 onwards) 
Tamilrockers .la (Sep 27 onwards) 
Tamilrockers .ac (Nov 25 onwards)

Few additional domains allegedly used by Tamilrockers site: 

tamilrockers .by 
tamilrockers .hn 
tamilrockers .cl 
tamilrockers .mu 
tamilrockers .ph 
tamilrockers .gd 
tamilrockers . vc 
tamilrockers. gy 
tamilrockers .cl 
tamilrockers . gs 
Tamilrockers .li 
Tamilrockers .st 
Tamilrockers .ro 
Tamilrockers .ax 
tamilrockers-s. co 
Tamilrockers .tv 
Tamilrockers .com 
Tamilrockers .net 

What is Movie Piracy?

To put in simple words, it is illegal recording of movies and serials without the consent of the authorized holder. There are various ways to pirate a movie, the most common being recording from a movie theater. With the advent of smart phones, the job has become easier. One does not need to sneak in a video camera to the movie hall, your smart phone will do the job just fine.

Other way is to wait till the movie sells the distribution rights. Once the movie is available for purchase, copies are made from the single DVD purchased and sold at dirt cheap prices or for free download.

The problem of piracy has become rampant in our country. Laws are in place to deal with cyber crimes, however issues like movie piracy don’t get much attention because of other pressing issues at hand. Punishment, if accorded is not serious enough to act as a deterrent.

The onus lies upon us to not encourage any form of piracy. It hampers the economy and the hard work of various people involved in the production of the movie. Film makers, can limit this problem by not over pricing the tickets/ DVDs such that they become accessible and affordable to all.

We just want to conclude this with ”Say No to Piracy”!