Nursing can be an ideal career for anyone who relishes the opportunity to support others, make a positive impact on society, and practice empathy regularly.

In many ways, people with experience of caring for their own children might be perfect candidates for the role, but perhaps somewhat ironically, juggling family commitments with nursing school can be a monumental task, to say the least.

If you feel as though becoming a nurse is your dream job but think that attending nursing school is impossible due to your family commitments, it is worth remembering that it is certainly viable in many instances, but it just requires a great deal of planning. Find below some handy tips that you might find useful in your efforts to pursue your dream career.

Tips On How To Balance:

Considering Remote Learning:

Looking after young kids can be a full-time job in itself, so finding time to do anything, let alone study for a degree, is often just one of life’s many challenges.

In this regard, turning to the digital world might be a fantastic avenue to explore because some of the many benefits of remote learning can directly suit someone with a hectic schedule.

Many fantastic advanced degrees like a post masters FNP can now be completed entirely online, in a shorter amount of time, and from the comfort of your own home.

Flexibility and affordability are two of the main reasons people decide to take online courses, and in a vast number of cases, the quality of the education is still at the very highest level, regardless of the medium.

Being able to complete the course in your own time can sound like a dream come true for many parents, as even with a plan, looking after kids can be a highly unpredictable experience.

Developing a Support Network:

It is important to let your friends and family in on your plan to pursue nursing school, as you can start to build yourself a reliable support network that understands the nature of your circumstances.

Sometimes, turning to others for help is simply a part of life, so making sure to nurture your friendships can be vital.

If you need someone to keep their eye on the kids while you need to complete an assignment, a great support network can make sure to cover for you should you need it.

Even if they do not end up doing anything apart from listening to you, this can still help you out if you feel like work, family, and school are becoming overwhelming. Talking about your problems with your trusted love ones is a superb way to regain a sense of perspective, a much-needed aspect when dealing with potentially stress-inducing situations.

If you do not know where to turn for support, it is always worth talking to the institution, as they will likely have services at the ready to help people in your position.

Your fellow students and your tutors, even in virtual form, are always worth reaching out to, as they can often help you out with the course and point you in the right direction if you needed some extra guidance.

Talk to Your Partner

If you can let your partner know that they will likely need to take on a host of new responsibilities in the coming months, it is best to do so in advance.

This can give you both time to prepare for whatever you need to face along the way by factoring in both of your needs as a unified and unstoppable pair.

Tips On How To Balance Family Commitments With Nursing School

Recognize what the Course (and the Job) Truly Entails

This might seem simple enough on the face of it, but it can be important to prepare yourself for the reality of what a nursing course and the subsequent career has in store.

It requires a great deal of dedication and emotional investment, yet the most rewarding endeavours in life often do.

This might also mean making yourself open to the possibility of giving up some of your hobbies because you will likely need to direct your free time towards studying and spending time with your family when you get the chance.

All the Help You Can Get

Searching far and wide for additional help is a must if you expect to maintain a healthy and balanced structure to your school and family life.

It is worth thinking about the many useful pieces of software on offer, in the form of browser extensions, add-ons, and even applications for your phone.

The course will no doubt require you to practice a great deal of self-motivation and autonomy, which can quickly become difficult if you need to constantly juggle your additional commitments.

Anti-distraction apps, time-saving apps, and referencing software can all help you streamline your day and keep your schedule running as smoothly as possible. You will likely need all the help you can get, and thankfully, many of the best apps on the market are completely free, which is always a welcome bonus.

Keeping Sight of Your Goals

Losing sight of the reason you decided to embark on the course in the first place can be easy if you find yourself losing precious time with your loved ones.

In this regard, it is crucial to remember why you decided to take the course in the first place and recognize the potential for reward.

You will once again have time to spend with your loved ones, but sometimes, remembering that sacrifices need to be made to craft a brighter future as a professional is necessary if you wish to see the journey through to the end.

Looking After Your Health

In the heat of the moment and in the midst of a busy calendar, forgetting to care for the basics can be surprisingly easy.

It is essential to make sure you do not suffer burnout, so getting enough sleep, a healthy diet, and a sufficient amount of exercise can help you feel energized for the day ahead.

Last but certainly not least, dedicating some time to spend with your family can help your daily routine look far less daunting and more like a well-rounded lifestyle.

Power Through Nap Time 

Everyone has family commitments that seem never-ending. If you have kids, then there must be an overload of shouting, tantrums, and positive reinforcement at your home. You must know how blissful nap time can be. 

It’s tempting to sleep, laze around, or relax during your children’s nap time. You’re only human. However, powering through these nap times is an important tip for balancing a nursing career and family. 

Utilize this time to finish your assignment, study for an exam, and run errands. The more you finish during the ‘nap period,’ the less you have to multitask when the little bundles are up. 

Find out what you can Sacrifice 

“How to balance nursing school and life?” is a difficult question to answer. Everything seems important. However, you’re only human, you need to give up some things to work properly for the rest. Think about what you can give up in your life before nursing school starts.

If you think you can skip a meal or two with extended family or family friends then do it. If you think knitting takes too much of your time, then drop it as a serious hobby. However, ensure that you keep some time to yourself in a day and do what you love. You can’t give up everything due to family commitments. Don’t give up cooking or going for a morning run if you think you need it to be sane. 

Make a Master Calendar 

Don’t keep your personal and professional calendars separate. You might think it’s easier to manage separate calendars. However, it’s best if you make one master calendar to allow your partner to get in the mix of your busy life. 

It should feature any major events such as recitals, appointments, and exams. If you wish, you can add your course schedule as well. Ask your family to contribute to the calendar and plan around each other’s schedules to maintain a rapport. This is one of the best nursing school tips since it allows you and your family to stay organised and close at the same time. 

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