It feels amazing and exciting to celebrate the baby boy’s 1st birthday party. It feels like yesterday that he was still in your womb, and now you are planning for his 1 year old birthday party for baby boy. Time passes so quickly. The memories of my son’s 1st birthday party are still so fresh in my mind that I can very well relate to your excitement and enthusiasm.

Since it is the 1st birthday party of your child, you definitely want to make it special and memorable with a unique first birthday theme for a baby boy. Looking for the first baby boys party ideas is a difficult task to do so. Thinking and narrowing down birthday celebration ideas to focus on the best birthday themes for boys or unique first birthday themes for boys and then arranging everything. All of this is tedious. But this is your munchkin’s most special day, so celebrating with lots of fun and colours is a must.

Here are some amazing baby boy name ideas to take a look at!

Do’s & Don’t Of Your Kid’s First Birthday Party

It takes some serious thought and consideration to organise a successful 1st birthday party. Here are some vital dos and don’ts to make sure the celebration becomes a joyous event for everyone involved:


  • Keep It Simple

Although it may be exciting to plan an elaborate birthday theme for boys but, keep in mind that simplicity is frequently more fun for both the child and the attendees. Instead of going overboard with decorations and activities, concentrate on establishing a cosy and intimate atmosphere.

  • Pick a Baby-Friendly Time

Arrange the party at the time when your baby is most alert, usually right after a nap and a feeding. A baby who has eaten and gotten enough sleep is more likely to enjoy the celebration and engage with the attendees. You may also decide upon his favourite boys birthday party ideas from the list mentioned in the blog below.

  • Baby-Proof the Location

If the gathering will take place in your house or another private location, be sure to baby-proof the area to avoid mishaps or injury. Hideaway things that may cause minor choking risks, secure bulky furniture, and cover sharp edges.


  • Do Not Plan For Too Long Hours

Avoid organising a long, demanding party that can exhaust your child. To keep your kid happy and interested, keep the celebration brief and simple.

  • Do Not Invite Too Many Guests

A 1st birthday party celebration doesn’t have to be a big event with a lot of attendees. To maintain an intimate and less crowded ambiance, think about inviting a small number of friends and close family members. This will also prevent your baby from getting clingy.

  • Rely on Loud Music or Flashing Lights

Babies can become overwhelmed by loud music and flashing lights. Maintain a calm and pleasant atmosphere so that the infant may comfortably be a part of the celebration.

First Birthday Decoration Ideas for Baby Boy

A first birthday is a special day, a chance to celebrate the accomplishment, growth, and joy of your child. Look back on these memories with pride. Hold onto old photographs and make new ones to show off as they grow up. The birthday theme for a baby boy should be memorable and beautiful, filled with inspiring ideas that make people feel happy and kids feel at home.

Every parent wants their child’s first birthday party decorations to be a great blast that will make it a lifetime memorable experience. You might be planning for his big day, but you know that the main star of that day is going to be your baby boy. The cake, the games and the fun, these things don’t matter much if all the birthday hoorahs are gone in vain. Therefore, picking a theme is an excellent 1st birthday party to keep the celebration bright and cheerful. A birthday party with a theme is much more exciting than throwing a casual themeless party. It brings joy and excitement to the kids as well as the family members to enjoy the party to the fullest. Unlike generic, themeless parties, a tailored theme adds a touch of magic, making the event unforgettable for both kids and adults. For instance, a jungle-themed party might feature tailor-made inflatables in the shape of trees or animals, creating a whimsical world that captivates young minds and brings smiles to their faces. These personalized touches elevate the party experience, making it a cherished memory not just for the little one, but for everyone involved.

We have a lot of ideas for a great baby boy’s 1st birthday party. Our theme selection for 1st birthday party ideas for boys enables you to make your party extra special for the kids and their parents. It is a pleasure to come up with distinctive unique first birthday party decorations for each subject that interests us, so we would like to share some tips for 1st birthday party for boys with you. Therefore, it is wise to use a unique theme for this event. Baby boys birthday party ideas are an added star that adds fun and excitement for the entire celebration.

Here is the list of Boy’s first birthday themes:

Some of the first birthday party themes for baby boy in India are explained below.

1. Monsters Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Monsters are not always scary creatures. They are funny, bright in colours and also come in various shapes and sizes. It can be customized into different creatures and birthday products that your baby would be amazed to see. 

Gifts like miniature toys suitable to the theme of the party or mugs can be given. This is one of the awesome boys party ideas.

2. Carnival or Circus Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Carnival or Circus is full of fun and bright colours. You can add things as much as you want to make it large. So, go for carnival or circus-themed parties to have a charm of its happiness making it one of the cute 1st birthday party themes for boys.

Gifts like fridge magnets or water bottles can be given.

3. Spacecraft Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Spacecraft cannot be the ideal theme for little ones unless you want your little one to grow up to be a space scientist. However, it is a great first birthday party decorations at home for the boy since he will be very happy to look at that bright blue sky with planets and rockets.

Gifts like miniature toys of spacecraft and fridge magnets can be given.

4. Safari or Animal Kingdom Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Babies to young kids, all are fascinated with animals. So, a safari or animal kingdom theme can be a happening party for them. All guests including grown-ups and small children will enjoy every bit of it. To make it a more interesting birthday party all the kids as well as adults can dress up as your favorite animals. The cut-outs of animals and other props can be made or arranged to make the dashing boy’s 1st birthday party more memorable.

Gifts like soft toys of animals, or shoes with animals on them can be given.

5. Jungle or Wild Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

The great wild one or jungle theme is more or less similar as the above. The usage of color green will be more here. The leaves and balloons are kept green to give the jungle effect. The young and old all will feel welcomed in this natural environment.

Gifts like fancy water bottles, toys, or shirt with graphics related to the jungle  can be given.

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 6. Blue Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Since childhood we have heard that the blue color is boys favorite and therefore a blue theme party can be a great idea for celebrating the 1 year old birthday party. You can decorate the ambiance with blue and even you can keep the dress code blue for all.

Gifts like blue wristbands, water bottles, stationery, piggy bank or toys can be given.

7. Airplane Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Have you ever thought that airplanes can be a theme as well? Yes, it can be for the boys who want to grow up to be pilots. Surprise everybody by keeping cut-outs, balloons and toys of airplanes everywhere.

Gifts like miniature toys of airplane or themed caricatures can be given.

8. Lego City Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Lego is another favorite toy for boys where they learn to build various aircraft, vehicles or buildings. This can definitely be a birthday theme for boys. Arranging a Lego party will be a blast for all the cute masters in the house.

Gifts like a lego set can be given.

9. Doraemon Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Doraemon is a well-known name in the cartoon world that most of the children love to watch. This can be a brilliant party idea for boys or baby boy cartoon themes as they will feel to be at the cartoon land with their favorite character Doraemon.

Gifts like shirt with Doraemon made on it or toys of Doraemon characters can be given.

10. Motu Patlu Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Nowadays, cartoon themed parties are common. So if you don’t want to experiment much then go for a Motu Patlu themed party. Children will enjoy seeing their most-loved cartoon characters present at the party.

Gifts like pencil boxes, cushions, bags etc. can be given

11. Chhota Bheem

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Chhota Bheem is again a cartoon themed birthday party. So, it is obvious that children of all ages would enjoy it a lot. Party items will be easily available in the market like various cut-outs, balloons, and other supplies that can be used to decorate the venue.

Gifts like toys of Chhota Bheem characters, mugs with Chhota Bheem images on them etc. can be given.

12. Peppa Pig Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Children of all ages love to see cartoons and they learn a lot from them. As we are into cartoon themes, Peppa Pig is a perfect choice for 1 year old babies. So, including this theme for birthday parties can be a great idea.

13. Golf Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

If any of the family members are a golf lover, then you can surely go for this birthday theme for boy baby. The balloon backdrop and the amazing dessert table with minute golf details are absolutely spectacular. You will wonder why nobody opted for a golf themed party yet.

Gifts like a plastic golf stick or golf playing set etc. can be given.

14. Lumberjack Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Everybody will love a cute Little Lumberjack. This can be a fun idea to have a stack of pancakes that they can munch on instead of a special cake. This is a great party theme for 1st birthday party that the whole family and friends will have fun at!

15. Construction Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Is your son a little civil engineer? Then this absolutely one of the unique birthday theme ideas for boy titled ‘Construction site’ will excite him. Even the guest would love to see the detailing on the cake.

Gifts like toys of crane or stickers related to construction etc. can be given.

16. The Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Everyone at the party will feel this occasion is the most fun day ever. And your little one will be overwhelmed to be in this ‘Hungry caterpillar’ party theme. He will feel relaxed amidst the crowd and gatherings. He will also feel special in this familiar theme.

17. Train Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

The train can be another transport theme where the cake can be designed like a train with a lot of colors. You can also place various train toys and make each corner of the room as stations. Children will love to play around.

Gifts like toys, mug, poster related to The Thomas the train cartoon etc. can be given.

18. Cars Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

If your little boy is fond of hot wheels, then cars will be his most loved theme. Cars theme is very popular among boys of young age. But you can also include this theme for your little munchkin.

19. Transportation Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

All types of transportation can be a superb theme for preschool goers and toddlers. They get to see many of that on roads while roaming with parents. So they will be very much interested to be in a party where all these will be present in front of them.

Gifts like toy cars or train etc. can be given.

20. The Numeral ONE Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

The number ‘one’ can be a theme, which is getting popular in recent times. You can make a customized cake with the numeral one. Also the wonderful decoration can be done with balloons and cut-outs of the number. Customized chocolate and cookies can also be made for it.

21. Little Bear or Teddy Bear Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Little bear or Teddy Bear can be one of the best baby boy 1st birthday decoration ideas for boys.. Soft toys are always very close to babies and teddy bears are one of them. This theme will be an easy option and party supplies will be in abundance.

Gifts like teddy bears or teddy bear led lights etc. can be given.

22. Moon and Stars Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Moon, stars, clouds and sky are a dreamy theme which looks very classy. It is also suitable for one year old babies as they learn to notice this now. You can even prepare a backdrop with balloons related to the theme.

23. Pirates Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

If you are a fan of Pirates of Caribbean, then you can go for this theme. Children can dress up like cute little pirates and they will have a bundle of adventures on this special day.

Gifts like posters of pirates of Caribbean or costume of it can be given.

24. Yellow Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

This yellow theme gives a very sophisticated look with a lot of elegance. You can dress up your little one in a bright yellow outfit. All the guests will surely appreciate the efforts taken to create this color theme for the birthday party.

25. Puppy Dog Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

If you have a little puppy dog at home who is very fond of your little one, then you can surprise both of them together by opting for such baby boy birthday decoration ideas at home..

Gifts like soft toy of dogs or wooden dog shaped lamp can be given

26. Summer Bash Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

If your cutie pie is born in April or May or June month of the year, summer bash can be an ideal theme for him. You can arrange a small pool with umbrellas for them. It can be an outside party for the kids to enjoy summer.

27. Little Prince Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Your little prince may not be able to appreciate you but this royal Little Prince theme will definitely mesmerize all your party guests. Everyone will adore this royal décor with amazing details.

Gifts like plastic crowns or a poster related to it can be given.

28. Doughnut Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

No one can ever think that doughnut can be a theme for parties. But yes, it can be an awesome idea to gather numerous doughnuts of different shapes, sizes and flavors. Children will eat and enjoy the party. The excitement will be evident on their faces.

29. Sky Blue Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Another color theme can be done in sky blue or light blue color. This looks very cute for the 1st birthday party.

Gifts like light blue shirt or blue led lights can be given.

30. Superhero Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Superheroes like Batman, Spider man, Superman or Captain America are always liked by kids mainly boys. This theme is a rather easy option and kids will have ultimate enjoyment.

31. Vintage Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Vintage looks can be arranged if you can add white and golden to this theme. The dinner tables will be the attraction for all to enjoy the delicious food.

Gifts like toys of vintage cars or vintage clocks can be given.

32. Fruity Affair Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

All kids like some or the other fruits. But I am sure; many didn’t think this can be a theme for first birthday party decorations. You can also put a tutti-frutti ice-cream parlor in the party venue.

33. Baby Sheep Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Baby sheep is another cute theme for one year old sweet boys. The cake, decorations and even return gifts can be customized in this theme.

Gifts like toys of Shaun the sheep cartoon can be given.

34. Dinosaur Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

You may choose one of these amazing 1st birthday themes boy is very fond of dinosaurs. Even very small babies play with dinosaur toys. So, it will be a thrilling experience for the children to be a part of this theme.

35. Colorful Balloons Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

If you want to keep it simple yet with a fun element, then colorful balloons will always show the charm. Kids of all ages love to play with balloons. You can pick one of such baby boy first birthday decoration ideas.

Gifts like stuffed balloons with toys can be given

36. Origami Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Origami or decoration with items made from paper can be implemented if you want to keep the budget low. Although it is cost cutting, the atmosphere will still look festive. And on top of that, everyone will appreciate your creativity.

37. Oranges Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Is your little baby in love with oranges? Then this is his kind of a theme. He may jump off to try to munch some.

Gifts like orange juice hamper can be given.

38. Monkey Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

We often refer to our most active little ones as sweet monkeys. So, it can be a matching theme for enthusiastic kids who love to jump, roll or run around the house.

39. Flamingos Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Flamingos or birds can also be a unique one for boys party ideas. It is colorful and provides a joyous environment.

Gifts like flamingo shaped showpiece or water bottle with flamingo on them etc. can be given.

40. Under the Sea Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

It is another dreamy themed party which the kids would wonder to be at. Your little one will enjoy the colorful underwater sea creatures. Cut-outs of fishes, sharks, dolphins and an endless number of shells can be decorated.

41. Toy Land Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Remember the movie ‘The Toy story’! All kids will jump with laughter and enjoy to their fullest if this theme will be there at your baby’s first birthday.

Gifts like poster of toy story or shirt with toy story characters on them can be given.

42. Baby Elephant Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Another cute theme is baby elephant. The decorations and customized cake together can make it absolutely perfect for a one year old.

43. Rainbow Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

The rainbow theme looks very vibrant. Children with colorful dresses can form rainbow patterns in front of the camera. You can arrange a few creative games related to all the seven colors present in the rainbow.

Gifts like rainbow shoes, rainbow wall hanging etc. can be given.

44. Minions Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Minions are the cute ones that will add a lot of colors to the party. This is also a popular cartoon theme.

Gifts like Minions robot, Minions bags, Minions lunch boxes etc. can be given.

45. Candy Land Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Chocolates and candies cannot be kept away from kids. And if you hang them all over, just think about the excitement they will have.

Gifts like chocolate hamper can be given.

46. Harry Potter Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Are you a die-hard fan of Harry Potter? Then you must go for this theme although your munchkin will not be able to appreciate much. The guests will give you a thumbs-up for it.

47. Disney Land Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Disney characters including Mickey and Minnie as the central attraction will be a perfect theme for babies. Small kids will feel lucky enough to have Disney Land theme. This will provide a fun and joyful atmosphere to them.

Gifts like toys of Disney characters or posters of them can be given.

48. Magic Show Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Magic shows can be one of the most-loved baby boy birthday themes. Your little one may not be able to understand the theme but he will definitely enjoy seeing the excitement of all others.

49. Ship Sailor or Bon Voyage Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Your little sailor is starting a journey on the ship. That is what everybody will love to see while attending a 1 year old birthday party of this ship sailor theme.

Gifts like toys of ship or nautical wall hooks etc. can be given.

50. Honey Ba-Bee Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

The cutest theme ever which anybody can guess is a honeybee. Yellow and black will be the prime colors. Flowers, honey bees and small bears are all you need.

51. Unicorn Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

The newest and happening theme is Unicorn which can be used for both boys and girls. The colors which are primarily used are white, purple, sky blue and pink. It gives that fairy tale look and the entire ambiance of the party will be absolutely suitable for toddlers. Gifts like unicorn personalized bottle can be given.

52. Boss Baby Birthday Theme

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

Boss Baby theme is ideal for a cute little man in the house who is very particular about everything. You would love to set up t such 1st birthday celebration ideas for your little boss.

Best First Birthday themes for Boys

53. Safari Birthday Theme

Who doesn’t care about animals? With so many animal-themed props available, this is one of the most simple boys birthday party ideas! It’s also appropriate for a wide variety of ages, so even tiny girls won’t be left out! For more inspiration, visit Roxy’s Kitchen.

54. Monsters Birthday Theme

There isn’t a more fitting motif for your tiny monster! Monsters are highly customisable monsters that may be made in any shape or size. For inspiration, have a look at The Homes I’ve Made first birthday party decorations photos.

55. Logo Theme

Even if your child isn’t interested in the genuine small Lego bricks, we’re sure he’s played with Duplo. So this is the party for him if he enjoys creating things. Pocketful of Motherhood has some great ideas for throwing the perfect Lego party. It’s not as difficult as you would imagine!

56. Chhota Bheem Theme

If you reside in India, you’ve most likely heard of Chhota Bheem, the kid superhero! So there will be no shortage of materials for this theme party. Take a peek at how Moms and Munchkins have done it!

57. Doraemon Theme

The Doraemon character is becoming a household name in India since its debut! A party with such baby boy birthday themes is a great choice for anyone who likes the charming little robotic cat. Check out Moms and Munchkins for more photos of a Doraemon celebration.

58. Nautical/Ocean theme

The Nautical/Ocean theme is a great 1st birthday party ideas for boys theme that is inspired by the sea, beach, and all things nautical. It features decorations and activities that resemble a sailor’s life, ocean creatures, and beach elements. The colour palette of this unique birthday theme for baby boy is typically made up of shades of blue, white, and red, reminiscent of the colours of the sea, sand, and anchors.

59. Winter wonderland

In this baby boy birthday theme idea you can create a magical winter wonderland with snowflakes, twinkling lights, and a frosty colour palette, making the boys feel like they’re in a fairy tale.

60. Little Chef Theme 

This first birthday party decorations for baby boys involves hosting a cooking party where the kids can decorate cupcakes, make their pizzas, or decorate cookies. This theme encourages creativity and allows the kids to get involved in the cooking process.

Let’s check out the checklist as well to ensure a perfect first birthday party

While considering the following points, you can check out the 1st birthday decoration ideas for boys.

1. Dress of the child: Based on the theme you have set for the 1st birthday party of your child, you can dress him or her accordingly. If there is no birthday party theme then you can dress them up in a stylish yet cute outfit.

2. Accessories of the party: Decorations and accessories should correspond to the theme and reflect the number of people attending (should match the number of people invited).

3. Birthday cake: Your child’s first birthday cake cannot be any cake it has to be special and delicious of course, it should reflect the theme which has been set for the party.

4. Timing of the party: The timing or date and time have to be set according to the budget you have for the party to make any adjustments.

5. Shopping list: Some items may be available at home but some things have to be purchased to meet the needs of the people invited or of the venue.

6. Invites: Along with the paper invites, digital invites can be given to the people you want to invite which can be made quite interesting with photos or graphics.

7. The birthday venue: If you are planning to have a large number of people, your house or apartment may not be ideal due to which a separate hall or venue has to be. It should be ensured that the venue is approachable for everyone or is not in far-flung areas and is within budget.

How Do I Choose The Right Birthday Theme For My Son’s First Birthday?

These were the 1st birthday party ideas for boys or easy themes for celebrating your child’s birthday, you can also check out the best gift ideas for 1st birthday party leaving the hassle of thinking about it to us.

As parents, we like to think we know our children better than anyone else. If you are looking for baby boy names, then you will have a wide range of options here. After all, we raise them and teach them from an early age what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour. But it can be hard to think of unique 1 year old birthday party ideas for boys. It seems like their interests are so much different from our interests. The first birthday is an exciting time for any parent more than the child because it’s an especially big milestone. This is the first birthday when your son is going to meet new people and new surroundings at the same time. Want to know if you carry a baby boy or baby girl during pregnancy, check out the symptoms and have fun with your partner and family!

This is the first birthday where he’s allowed to be a kid, instead of a baby or a toddler. It’s an opportunity to celebrate in a more unique way to create unforgettable memories for the whole family, and he can also see them once he grows up. This unique celebration sometimes needs the unique and best 1st birthday party ideas for boys. Your search for baby boy first birthday party decoration ideas at home or first birthday themes boy ends here! You can check out our 57 amazing 1st birthday themes for boys that will definitely blow your mind. On your baby boy’s first birthday, you may find yourself reminiscing about the first time you realized you were a mom/dad. You might also find yourself asking, “What are some unique boys party ideas?” A lot of parents feel a little lost when it comes to planning their baby’s 1st birthday party. After all, a one-year-old is a lot different from a one-month-old. From cartoon based to animal-based, we have a great list of boys birthday party ideas that you can choose from!

Every parent wants to make their child’s first birthday special so that when they grow old and look back at these memories they are filled with happiness, joy, and beautiful memories. A great way to do so is by arranging a unique theme party. Get to know the first birthday theme boy from our wide range of lists and arrange it as per your comfortness.

FAQs on Baby Boy First Bornday Theme Ideas

1. What is the best theme for a 1st birthday party for a boy?

First birthdays are special for a number of reasons. More than the baby, it’s the parents and the rest of the family who feel excited to be a part of a baby boy’s 1st birthday party. Although your kid might not temper the party when he grows up, you can definitely document the day for him through pictures and videos so that he relives those moments in the coming years. We have put together a few options for 1st birthday party ideas for boys in India. You can recreate a baby shark birthday theme or marvel avengers birthday theme for your son. If your son shows some inclination towards cars, you can also recreate a race car-themed party for him.

2. Why is the theme important for birthdays?

When you choose a unique birthday theme for a baby boy, you get an opportunity to infuse your imagination and creativity into the party by underlining the decoration, lighting, colour schemes etc to match a respective theme. If you want to take it a notch higher, you can adhere to the dance dress competition ideas that are listed on our portal. This will allow you to merge different themes into the party so that you and the guests can enjoy it wholeheartedly.

3. What can I do for my baby boy’s 1st birthday?

First birthdays are very special and therefore it makes a lot of sense to celebrate that day with your loved ones. You can check out a list of first birthday party decorations for baby boys in India and take a pick according to your preferences. The chosen birthday theme for a baby boy should I resonate with his cute little personality and you can try to make it as fun as possible by adding matching entertainment activities to the party.

4. What kind of cake should I get for the first birthday celebration of a boy?

You can get different-themes-based cakes like cartoons, toys, teddy bears etc. for the first birthday celebration of a boy.    

5. Should I plan a specific dress code for the first birthday celebration?

You can plan a cute dress code for celebrating the first birthday of your kids so that their 1st birthday remains memorable for you.  

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