Being a parent is a very overwhelming job. A new surprise awaits you every day. Some surprises are pleasant some are not so pleasant. In this article, a few tips are shared on when to become a Parent.

One day you are elated and cannot get enough of how cute your baby is and you feel proud of yourself that you have created this little bundle of joy. Those tiny feet and fingers “Aaww” you feel like your heart will explode from all the love you feel. But just then your baby refuses to sleep wants to be held constantly and will refuse to let you out of his/her sight and you feel exhausted longing to rest your sore muscles but you cannot.

It’s such a topsy-turvy ride. You experience such highs and lows within a span of a few hours giving the term mood swings another level. Today I feel if I could go back in time before I had my daughter I would have considered a few more important factors before committing myself to it.

When To Become A Parent:

Now after being a mother for 4 years I want to share these facts about parenting and hope to help you in making a much-informed decision.

  • Have Your First Child Before You Turn 30:

It is medically advised because we are at our best physical and reproductive phase before 30. The probability of babies born with birth defects (such as Down Syndrome) increases with age. You don’t need to do everything before you have a child. A child might slow your pace for a while but soon with some help, you will be ready to take on the world again.

  • Coincide Your Retirement Plans With Your Kids Finishing College:

Get a vague idea when doing both of you wants to retire. So now think retrospectively about when will your child finish high school then college. It is better to have your child on his/her own feet before you retire. You can act as their airbags and give them the freedom to pursue their dreams.

  • Decide On The Number Of Kids You Want To Have:

It is always advisable to have a little gap between your multiple children. That way you can concentrate most of your energy on the nourishment of your child and give your body the much-needed time to recover from childbirth.

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  • Understand It Takes Time:

The whole process of from deciding that you want to start a family to the time it actually happens is kind of exhausting but don’t worry for most couples it takes anywhere between 3–6 months or even longer to conceive so don’t stress yourself if it doesn’t happen right away just remember the age-old saying “Rome was not built in a day”.

  • Get Physically Fit:

Before committing yourself fully get a complete body check-up. See your hemoglobin, thyroid, vitamin D, Vitamin B-12 levels are adequate. Consult an Obstetrician and if there are some deviations correct them first.

  • Get As Much Help As You Can:

Get as much help as you can because the first few months are the hardest. You are at a very vulnerable self and to top it all have to take care of your newborn. Before planning make a list of people who can and will help you with various chores. Pitch in both sets of grandparents and don’t hesitate in delegating.

  • Get Your Last Flings:

As a parent, you lose certain rights. You can no longer have the right to be frivolous and irresponsible. You are entitled for another being now so make sure you tick off your adventure list or are willing to wait for a few years to start doing them again.

  • A Child Will Add Substantially To Your Finances:

Last but not at all least is the cost of raising a child in today’s world. Make sure your current finances are in place and you can comfortably add on more responsibility.

Life is unpredictable there is no right or wrong time to have a baby. But if you are planning for one it will always be recommended to think it through and dive in fully prepared.

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