Starting a family is one of the most important decisions of your life. So, if you have already made up your mind, here are a few pointers you may wish to know before you start trying.

1. Parenting Needs A Lot Of Time, Effort, And Patience.

The initial months of parenting is a round the clock job. As a person and parent, you learn and evolve. Before deciding to be a parent prepare yourself mentally.

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2. Financial Stability Is Important Before Starting A Family.

With a new addition to the family, your overall expenses are going to get raised to some extent. Babies grow in leaps and bounds and as they grow so will the expenses. Make sure you have a secure financial condition to make the journey smooth.

3. The Journey From Trying To Conceive To Parenting A Child Is Totally Teamwork.

Discuss the prospects of having a baby with your spouse well before you plan for one. Agree to raise the baby together.

4. Help And Support Of Family And Friends.

It takes a village to raise a child. Make sure you have support around because in this case more is less.

If you are still with me, I am going to consider that you are ready for the next and the most important part- how to get pregnant fast. You cannot just wish and get pregnant overnight. Making a baby is a natural phenomenon and with right kind of preparation you can maximize your chances. Normally for a healthy individual it takes six months to one year to conceive if you have regular and unprotected sexual intercourse. Below are a few prerequisites and tips for how to get pregnant fast and easy.

How To Get Pregnant Fast

How to Get Pregnant

1. Visit Your Doctor Before You Prepare To Conceive.

It is a good idea to visit your doctor for a whole-body examination before you try to conceive. You will have an idea how healthy your system is and if they find any issues, it can be taken care of well in advance. Another reason to visit the doctor is to get yourself started with the prenatal vitamins, which are extremely important for the fetal health and development.

2. Maintain A Healthy Weight.

To get pregnant fast make sure you and your partner maintain a healthy weight. Your body performs best when the conditions are optimized. And healthy weight is one of the most crucial aspect. So, if you both are overweight you need to reduce it first by doing regular exercise. Always stay active! Also, try to keep your body temperature normal (applicable to both).

3. Try To Have Sex At The Right Time.

Track your menstrual cycle. You need to know when you ovulate as the best possible time of getting pregnant fast is around ovulation. During ovulation an egg/ovum is released from an ovary, pushed down via fallopian tube and is available to be fertilized. So, if you will have sex with your partner in this phase, there are chances of meeting an egg with sperm and thus fertilization will happen and an embryo will be formed. Thus, once you know your ovulation and fertile window period, then plan to have sexual intercourse during that phase for conceiving fast. 

A woman ovulates only once in each menstrual cycle. Ovulation usually occurs in most of the women about two weeks before their monthly period (mid cycle) that is 14th Day (in case of a woman having 28 day cycle).

Two days before ovulation and two days after ovulation is the best possible time for you to conceive because ovum survives for 48 hours i.e. 2 days and sperms survive for 72 hours i.e. 3 days. This is the reason this period is called “the fertile window/days”. So, if you will track your ovulation, you will get to know the fertile window period. So, plan to have sex with your partner during this period (i.e. in this fertile window period) for conceiving fast.

How To Calculate Ovulation And Fertile Window:

(i) If you get your periods every 28 days or at least regularly:

Then Ovulation will occur on Day 14.

Fertile window range will be Day 12, Day 13, Day 14, day 15, Day 16

So, these days will be the best to conceive fast. Thus, plan to have sexual intercourse with your partner in this Fertile window range. 

(ii)  If you don’t have a regular menstrual cycle:

In irregular periods, we can track ovulation by subtracting “14” from number of days-cycle a woman has. Simply we can say that last 14 days are fixed after ovulation. In Prolonged cycles initial days are not fixed.

For example if a lady is having 32-day cycle then ovulation occurs at 32-14 =18 i.e. Day 18.

So, ovulation occurs on Day 18 in such females. (This occurs because after ovulation has occurred if a lady does not get pregnant then ovum regresses in size and is destroyed and menstruation occurs exactly after 14 days. )

So, in such case Fertile window range will be: Day 16, Day 17, Day 18, Day 19, Day 20.

So, these days will be the best to conceive fast. Thus, plan to have sexual intercourse with your partner in this Fertile window range. 

Don’t know the best possible time for conceiving? Use Budding Star’s Ovulation Calculator to track when you ovulate and your fertile days by entering the first day of your last period and length of your menstrual cycle.

(iii) If you are still not able to calculate your fertile window, try to have sex every other day during the second and third weeks of your menstrual cycle. If you don’t know when you ovulate, please check the following signs and symptoms which indicate that you are ovulating:

  • The cervical mucus (or the vaginal discharge) will become very thin and transparent like ‘an egg white’.
  • Breast soreness or tenderness due to the hormonal change.
  • You may feel a slight pelvic ache.
  • Around the time of ovulation, you may observe a light spot due to an increased level of estrogen hormones.
  • You may feel more sexually aroused and active.

The above signs and symptoms can give you the clue to make love and hopefully conceive a baby.

Also, it’s not that you cannot conceive if you try at other times. Try regularly. It is best to try every alternate day for maximum benefit as formation of good quality sperms takes 2 days.

4. Go Off Contraceptives.

Obviously if you want to get pregnant you must discontinue the usage of any kind of contraception. But doctors’ advice on going off the contraceptives a couple of months beforehand. That is especially important if you use birth control pills. Birth control pills alter the menstrual cycle so it is difficult to access the right fertile period of your cycle. So, let go of it well before so that your body gets enough time to take its natural course of cycle.

5. Eat Right.

Eating the right kind of food keeps your system in better form thereby maximizing the chances of getting pregnant. Eat more vegetables and fibre rich foods. Have a proper diet. For strong and good sperm count, increase the intake of nutrients like Folic acid, Vitamin C and zinc in your partner’s diet.

And while we are at it, let me mention the food items which you should avoid having. These are the food items which are potentially harmful for the foetus. Sea foods (because they have high Mercury content), soda, trans-fats, unpasteurized dairy, raw animal products are best to be avoided if you are trying to get pregnant.

6. Take Prenatal Vitamins Along With Folic Acid.

Prenatal vitamins prepare the body for the task of bearing the baby. So if your gynecologist recommends you to take prenatal vitamins, do yourself a favor and take them. Folic acid is very important for fetal development and helps to prevent neural tube defects (NTDs) in baby. It is recommended that all women who are trying to conceive should consume folic acid along with prenatal vitamin everyday. If you are planning to have a baby you can start with folic acid three months prior. 

Note: Experts strongly recommend that all women of childbearing age should take a dose of 400 mcg of folic acid every day.

If you are overweight or diabetic, kindly consult your doctor one month prior before trying to conceive as dosage of Folic acid in such cases is relatively different.

Your partner can start having multi-vitamin tablet every day just to ensure enough intake of nutrients.

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7. Quit Smoking And Alcohol Before You Plan To Conceive.

Tobacco, alcohol and smoking are extremely bad if you are consuming and meanwhile also trying to get pregnant. Not only they decrease your chances they have the potential to induce birth defects in your unborn baby. Caffeine intake should also be lowered down. And this is applicable to both partners. 

8. Positioning.

I do not believe that there is a certain position of sexual intercourse that get you pregnant. However, there is no harm in giving sperms a chance to swim. Keep in mind these below important points to how to pregnant:

  • After sexual intercourse try to lie on your back and allow the sperms to do their job.
  • After the act place a pillow under your thighs.
  • Avoid washing up immediately after sexual intercourse.
  • Don’t use washroom at least for an hour after the act. So, use washroom before the act.
  • Ask your partner not to take hot baths as heat can kill sperms. So, keep body temperature normal.

9. Relax.

Stress is extremely detrimental if you are trying to get pregnant. The more worried you are, the more difficult it gets.  Remain stress free while you are doing sexual intercourse and otherwise also. Spend quality time with your spouse. Try to add on short vacation. Get close and share affection and leave your body to take care of the rest. And never loose hope. Don’t bring negative thoughts in your mind. Have faith!

10. Know When To Seek Help.

If you are younger than 35, it takes six months to one year of time to get pregnant. If you follow all the mentioned points and still unable to conceive, you might consider seeking medical help. And if you are 35 or older, seek medical help if you have tried for six months, followed all points and still unable to conceive.

I would like to conclude the article with one last advice. Always maintain intimate hygiene to protect yourself and your baby from the potential risk of infection.  

So, these were the tips to how to conceive and how to become pregnant. I hope you find this post useful.

All the best!

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