Golf is a sport loved by many, but others have never even stepped foot on a golf course before. This sport is actually great for many different reasons including the fact that you can enjoy the game with your friends, get some exercise and even learn a new skill. Here, we are going to tell you why you should take up golf this year. Keep reading to find out more about this.


Although golf isn’t necessarily the most energetic of sports, it can be a great way of getting out and getting some exercise you’ll need to be on your feet for a lot of the day and you’ll be walking from hole to hole as you play. This type of exercise is great for those who cannot take part in running or other more energetic sports. Try out golf this year to get some more exercise.


Golf has always been a very social sport with many people enjoying a round of golf on the course with their friends. Others like to have business meetings on the golf course to make them a little more casual and if you can play golf then you can socialize in this way. Think about getting together a group of friends and going for a round of golf together this year.

Learn A New Skill

If you’ve never played golf before then you’ll love being able to pick up a new skill. All you need to do to get started is invest in some golf clubs and golf balls which you can find from golf outlets like TGW, then visit your local course. If you’re not ready to start off your learning experience on the course, then you might want to try out a driving range. This can help you to develop your skills before you play a game against a friend.


When you play golf, you are giving yourself a reason to go travelling and visit other parts of the country. There are golf courses everywhere so why not go and play a round at each? Take up golf and visit different golf courses to see what it is like playing there. You’ll also be able to enjoy this sport when you are abroad as long as you are able to borrow some golf clubs.

A Healthy Hobby

The final reason that why you should take up golf this year is that it is a healthy hobby. Many people don’t actually have any hobbies and thy struggle to think of one which will benefit them. With golf, you are giving yourself something to fill your time with and it won’t have a negative effect on your health. Try out golf today if you are looking for a new hobby.

Final Thoughts

There are many different reasons to try out golf so make sure to invest in some golf clubs and golf balls and get involved in this sport today. You’ll love it once you get started on your first game!

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