Struggling to boost your breast milk flow? You’re not alone. Today’s post provided by pregnancy and parenting expert My Dvija unveils five quick and easy drinks designed to aid lactation, prepared in under five minutes each. Discover simplicity at its best.

5 Easy to Prepare Drinks to Help Boost Breast Milk

For new mothers looking to increase their breast milk supply quickly, our list of drinks offers simple and effective solutions. Each drink is crafted to support lactation, ensuring you can provide the best nutrition for your baby efficiently.

1. Garden Cress Seeds Porridge

Garden Cress Seeds Porridge offers a nourishing quick drink to boost breast milk flow for new mothers. Made from brown-coloured small seeds, this porridge packs iron and vital nutrients essential during the postpartum period.

For those lactose intolerant, preparing it with water serves as an excellent alternative, ensuring everyone can enjoy its benefits without discomfort.

Choosing sweeteners like date syrup or dry dates powder instead of sugar adds nutritional value while enhancing flavour. This seed porridge improves lactation and boosts haemoglobin levels, making it a must-try for boosting milk production efficiently and naturally.

A simple sip of Garden Cress Seeds Porridge can significantly enhance breast milk flow and nourish the body.

2. Poppy Seeds Porridge

Poppy seeds porridge, also known as khus khus porridge, serves as a nutritious drink for nursing mothers aiming to boost their breast milk flow. You can prepare this lactation-supporting beverage with either milk or water, depending on your preference.

For sweetness without refined sugar, add date powder or finely chopped dates. This not only enhances the flavour but also adds nutritional value.

For an extra taste dimension, sauté the poppy seeds in ghee before adding them to the liquid of choice. This step infuses the porridge with a rich, comforting warmth that’s hard to resist.

Making poppy seeds porridge requires minimal ingredients and effort but offers substantial benefits for postpartum milk flow enhancement. It stands out among galactagogue drinks for its simplicity and effectiveness in supporting breastfeeding mothers.

3. Pearl Millet Porridge

Pearl Millet Porridge offers a wholesome option for breastfeeding mothers looking to enhance their milk production. Made simply with pearl millet flour, this porridge can be prepared quickly using water, making it an ideal choice for those seeking nutritious yet easy-to-make meals.

It comes in both sweet and salted varieties to cater to different tastes, and the addition of lemon juice not only adds flavour but also aids in the absorption of nutrients.

To boost its nourishing benefits further, consider sprinkling sesame seeds over your Pearl Millet Porridge before serving. This not only enhances the taste but also contributes additional nutrients essential for lactation.

Whether you prefer it sweet or savoury, this homemade porridge serves as a natural way to support healthy breastfeeding, offering a quick and healthy meal option that fits easily into busy schedules.

4. Shatavari Milk with Turmeric

Moving from Pearl Millet Porridge, we find another traditional tonic in Shatavari Milk with Turmeric. This drink blends the lactation support of shatavari with the healing properties of turmeric.

To prepare, you mix shatavari—known for its ability to increase breast milk—with turmeric, yellow fenugreek seeds, black pepper powder, and ghee. This combination aids in boosting milk flow and supports overall inner health.

The addition of black pepper enhances the absorption of turmeric’s beneficial compounds, making this herbal milk boost more effective. Such a natural milk flow enhancer offers new mothers an Ayurvedic solution to support their breastfeeding journey.

As it integrates seamlessly into daily routines, Shatavari Milk with Turmeric stands out as a nourishing postnatal milk support drink.

5. Powder Drink

The Powder Drink stands out as a natural milk flow aid for breastfeeding mothers. It is crafted using a blend of mishri, cumin, ajwain, and fennel seeds that are ground into powder form.

This herbal milk booster supports lactation and enhances postpartum milk production effectively.

Mothers can easily prepare this galactagogue by mixing it with warm milk. The combination aids nursing mothers in boosting their breast milk supply swiftly and naturally. Its ingredients are known for their properties to support increased lactation, making it an essential drink for new moms seeking a quick solution for milk supply enhancement.

Easy to Prepare Drinks to Help Boost Breast Milk

Additional Information

For new mothers looking to increase their breast milk production, understanding the right way to consume these drinks can make a big difference. Learning about the recommended intake is crucial for seeing effective results in boosting milk flow.

Complimentary Consumption

Enjoying these quick drinks to boost breast milk flow can fit easily into your daily routine. You can have them during snack times or even before heading to bed, making it convenient for new mothers with busy schedules.

These beverages are made to be complementary consumption, offering a free-of-charge addition to your diet that supports lactation.

Opting for complimentary treats like these porridges and powdered drinks helps ensure you’re getting essential nutrients and enjoying delicious flavours without extra cost. Next, explore the recommended intake for new mothers to maximise the benefits of these nourishing beverages.

Recommended intake for new mothers:

Moving on from how these quick drinks complement your diet, focusing now on the optimal intake for new mothers is crucial. New moms should aim to incorporate any two of these nourishing drinks into their daily routine.

This practice comes highly recommended during the initial twenty days post-delivery, a critical period for establishing a strong milk flow. Ensuring adequate hydration and nutrient intake supports maternal health and aids in postnatal care.

New mothers need to pay special attention to their dietary intake, as it plays a significant role in lactation support. Consuming fluids regularly throughout the day not only meets your hydration needs but also improves breast milk production.

Following this simple guideline can make a considerable difference in your breastfeeding journey, contributing positively to both you and your baby’s well-being.


Discovering quick and nutritious drinks to boost breast milk flow becomes simple with these five recipes from MyDvija by Shrreya Shah. They provide new mothers a practical solution to enhance lactation using ingredients known for their beneficial properties.

Preparing these porridges and beverages takes no more than five minutes, making them perfect for busy mums. By incorporating two of these drinks daily into their routine, new parents can effectively set up a strong milk flow.

These easy-to-follow recipes support breastfeeding and also nourish the body, making the journey into motherhood a bit smoother.


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