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Tips on how to feed solid food to 10 month baby

Foods to include & avoid in 10 month baby food chart

10 month baby food chart – First Week

10 month baby food chart – Second Week

10 month baby food chart – Third Week

10 month baby food chart – Fourth Week

Congratulations Moms! Time passes so fast! You and your baby have turned 10 months. You might be facing the problem that your baby isn’t eating properly as he/she used to eat in previous months. You need not to worry about this as your little one now has more curiosity in exploring new ways of playing which is one of the 10 month milestones. This post is a must read for all Moms who are concerned for their 10 month baby food or 10 month old baby food chart. In this article, Indian Food Chart for 10 month old baby and tips on how to feed him/her are discussed.

Now your baby may have started to crawl, sit confidently, understand gestures, pointing and mumbling to indicate his/her wants. These are few of 10 month old milestones. So, playtime with him/her shall be becoming more joyful now. But when it comes to food, most of the babies are fussy eaters. Thus, introduce/offer the foods in a very playful manner so that the meal time also becomes another pleasure time.

For a 10-month-old infant, you can provide three meals and one optional snack each day, which can be finger food or another small snack. Breastfeeding or formula feeding should be used for the rest of the time. Choose meal and snack times based on your baby’s tastes. Don’t force your baby to eat as each baby has its own pace of adopting food habits.

Nutrient requirements of 10 month old baby:

Focus on vitamins and minerals when it comes to the food choices for your baby. Nutrients which are required majorly for a 10 month old baby are:

  • Iron: it is commonly found in green vegetables, beans, tofu etc playing a crucial part in good health or development of the baby.around 11mg of iron is needed per day for a 10 month old baby.
  • Zinc: it is commonly found in pumpkin seeds, lentils, spinach, asparagus and yogurt being vital for the growth of reproductive organs and brain.
  • Vitamin C: it is found majorly in fruits like strawberry, papaya, kiwi, broccoli and vegetables.
  • Vitamin A: some great sources of vitamin A include carrots or sweet potatoes, green vegetables, fish and whole milk etc helping in growth of babies and for combating infections.
  • Vitamin D: good sources of vitamin D are cow’s milk, tuna, salmon, yogurt etc essential for overall health of the baby and to prevent rickets or weakening of bones.
  • Omega 3: omega 3 is found in fish oil, nuts or seeds and is essential for brain health or overall health

How much should a 10 month old eat?

A 10 month baby diet chart should include 6 to 8 ounces of breastmilk, 4 to 5 times a day. Don’t force the baby and feed him only when he is hungry, solid foods can also be included in 2 or 3 meals a day and two snacks like tofu, pasta pieces, or cereals.

Since the appetite varies from baby to baby, so it becomes very important to give food to them as per their hunger. Always introduce one food at a time and wait for at least three days to determine any allergic responses to a specific food.

Before sharing a 10 month old feeding chart, let us know important tips on how to feed a 10 month old baby.

10 month baby food chart

Important Tips on how to feed solid food to 10 months old baby:

  • Always give properly fresh cooked, soft textured and easy to digest foods. There’s no need now to puree everything.
  • Now you can offer your baby, 3 main meals a day (i.e. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) and in between 2 snacks time (morning and evening).
  • Breast feed/ formula feed is very important and should be continued as and when required by the baby.
  • You can also give finger foods (easy-to-eat pieces of food that your baby can pick up and eat by herself) like breads, pasta, cottage cheese cubes, tofu cubes, etc. Though finger foods get easily dissolved, still you need to be around them when they are having food to avoid the choking hazard.
  • Don’t forcefully feed any food to your baby. Just remember every baby develops eating habits at their own speed.
  • Try the foods he/she once rejected after a few days. He/she may start liking it. Sometimes the mothers feed them food repeatedly, thinking that their baby really liked it. Instead the baby gets bored of that food and hence starts rejecting it. So, feed a variety of foods and try not to repeat but do remember the 3-days wait rule too while introducing new foods.
  • Refrain your baby from watching TV, mobile phone, etc. when you are feeding anything. While feeding any food, play some innovative games or make him/her listen to a very pioneering story.
  • Sterilize the baby utensils that are used for cooking and feeding.
  • Be careful while feeding your baby as introduction of some solid foods can cause constipation or Diarrhea too.
  • Water intake is a must for a baby.
  • Feed your baby when he/she is sitting in a proper sitting position. Make your baby sit on the high chair while feeding.

Before I write down 10 month baby food chart, let us first see the list of foods that you can include and avoid in your baby’ food chart.

Foods to include in Indian Food Chart for 10 months old baby:

At 10 months, you can introduce the below foods in addition to the 9 months food chart. So, here is the list of foods you may include in 10 month baby food chart:

  • This is a phase when you should remember “EAT A RAINBOW”. Include lots of fruits and vegetables of different colors and textures. Add apple, banana, oranges, mangoes, chikoo, litchi, watermelon, muskmelon, carrots, beans, peas, beetroot, potato. Avoid citrus foods.
  • Now you may include all seasonal vegetables in the food chart.
  • Include different grains and cereals like rice, dalia, breads, ragi, barley, semolina (Suji), etc.
  • Try to add egg yolk, chicken and fish.

Important points to remember for feeding above mentioned foods:

  • Cut the fruit into small pieces as it can cause choking to the baby.
  • Vegetables should be properly cooked before feeding. Chicken and fish should be cooked properly and should not be left raw from any side.
  • Avoid processed meats like sausages, ham, salami.

Foods to avoid in Indian Food Chart for 10 months old baby:

Some foods pose a choking hazard and a few aren’t good for your baby’s digestive system. Here is list of some foods to be avoided in 10 month baby food chart:

  • Cow’s & Soy Milk
  • Uncooked Vegetables
  • Nuts
Know the complete list of foods that are unsafe for baby by clicking on the link mentioned below : Foods unsafe for your baby (below age of 1 year)

Now, we know what food to be included and avoided, here is 10 month baby food chart for your reference

Indian Food Chart for 10 months old baby:

First Week:

10 month baby food chart

Second Week:

10 month baby food chart

Third Week:

10 month baby food chart

Fourth Week:

10 month baby food chart

You can note down all the Food/ Meal recipes referred in the above four charts by clicking on the link mentioned below:

Baby Food Chart Recipes

New foods that can be added for a 10 month old baby?

Around 10 months, nutrients can be provided to the baby through various foods, New foods like khichdi, dal ka pani, mashed vegetables with mashed roti, mashed banana and juice can be added to a 10 month old baby’s diet .

Important Tip: In addition to above mentioned food chart, you can give light foods (fruits/vegetables/ finger foods) in between as and when required by the baby (when baby feels hungry). Also, do continue Breastfeeding/ Formula milk to baby.

NOTE: This 10 month baby food chart is framed to just give you an idea about the food items that you can include. You can make changes in timings and according to the babies taste and acceptability for that particular food item, also changes can be made on the basis of availability of the food item. Above mentioned food chart is not a medical advice. Strict meal times is not mandatory. 

10 month baby food chart

Do leave a comment if you have any query related to Indian Food Chart for 10 months old Baby.

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