As parents, we take great responsibility for our baby’s well being and life. Every parent wants his child to learn and imbibe all the values, right from kindness to honesty to being sympathetic and courageous. While doing this, what we must remember is that these qualities won’t come into children overnight, but only after continuous effort both from parents and children. Setting an example and teaching by example is very crucial. A good upbringing and examples are the keys to raising a healthy and positive child.

While there may be many values that you might vouch for, which I would love to know, here are 8 Values Every Parent Must Teach Their Children, that I feel are very important to be taught:

1. Let us in the first place, respect both girls and boys equally:

Respect for others is an important quality and our child should acquire this quality from us, including respect for other children of the same age regardless of gender. We can teach this by following the same quality. When they watch us do it, they learn better. Let us have no inequality based on anything so our children learn to respect self and all others at the same time.

2. One must not be afraid in committing mistakes:

Learning from our own mistakes is a rare talent and we must remember to teach our children the same. Let us not tell them that failing is bad or only winning proves your personality and intelligence. Instead we must teach them that it’s very important to learn from their own failures. Only when a child doesn’t fear, he learns.

3. Knowledge is much more important than grades, marks or ranks:

Sometimes, we as parents become very upset or angry with our children’s performances or grades that don’t meet our expectations. However, we must remember that good grade don’t always indicate good knowledge. We must teach our children that knowledge is more important than anything else. A mere set if questions on the exam paper doesn’t decide their future or intellect. If they start believing in this, they will start losing themselves and their confidence.

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4. Let’s make them confide in us that their parents are not their enemies:

Being a friend to our child is the greatest gift that we can give to our children. It is not an easy to teach them this because they already have friends of their own who they trust and share their secrets and so stories with. But still, we must let them know that we are there too. At the same time, let’s not be too pushy. Learn to avoid yelling and long lectures. No child appreciates this. Even we did not as kids. In fact, a child will hear your inner voice when you talk politely and calmly.

5. Teach children to stand up for themselves:

I’ve observed how some parents show more respect for teachers, adults or other people in their lives than for a child. This behaviour might develop insecurities in children in the life ahead, also they start gaining the inability to stand up for self. Teach your child that respect is important, but at the same time, he/she must be prepared to prove and protect ones own point of view as well. This quality is indeed important and go a long way in their lives.

6. Teach them to ask/question:

Asking questions is very normal. It’s better to ask a question than to act or fake it that they have understood everything. Childhood is the best time to learn facts, explore and gain knowledge about everything. Let them do this in the classroom as well with their teachers. Let them not be shy

7. Respect for mother earth:

As humans, we are all on the habit of complaining about dirty streets, improper footpaths, or even parks, garbage, running water etc., we do this subconsciously and even consciously before children. Instead let’s tell children that they are the future of tomorrow and so they must start respecting nature, their environment and earth. Remember this learning has to start from home. Begin with oneself and then cultivate this quality in children.

8. This is the most important-teach them to say “No” as much as they would say “Yes”:

It’s important to teach them to say a ‘No’ to adults, teachers and even to their own parents if need be. Let’s raise strong personalities and not individuals who must obey any and every command/order even if it’s against their own wish. The ability to say NO is very crucial for their entire life. There’s nothing wrong is saying NO.

So, these are 8 Values Every Parent Must Teach Their Children. Finally do share your stories and values you feel are important for our children. I believe that sharing good things always spreads goodness around. So don’t stop at this!

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