Here are Best Books for Baby and Toddler to have in their little library!

I always write about how reading is important for everyone and more specially for our children. It’s very important to raise a reader since early stages of life because when the children are introduced to books early, they make books their companion for life. I have realized this when I got my daughter her first book when she was not even a toddler. I got her some lovely touch and feel books, peekaboo books, flap books because I wanted her to play as well as feel the different textures, observe colours and get into the whole concept of books. When you get them books as early as that, it doesn’t mean you’re forcing them to learn but letting them explore their liking and love for various things. What I love the most about touch and feel is the various textures that are present on every page, from soft fur to smoothness to glitters and so on. The child loves to feel.

 I feel that in the growing stages, the child has the highest learning ability because they are constantly wanting to observe and feel everything around them, sense and grasp all of them. The best thing that I have observed about them is that they are fearless and so never fear from learning anything and everything. So we must not let this skill go waste instead let us use it productively. I’m not a scholar or an expert in recommending the best of the best books but like any other parent, I always do my bit of research for my daughter for everything, more so for books. So here are some greet books I started off with for her. You may suggest more if you have something more to share. Here goes the list of Best Books for Baby and Toddler :

  1. Eric Carle’s touch and feel books:

    These help babies and kids to explore numbers, alphabet, shapes and colours. They are hard cover books so there’s no worry about they tearing them off. There are many other touch and feel books as well for bed time or first words. You may explore depending upon what you want to give to your baby. A great way to start!

  2. Peekaboo books for babies:

    These are my favorites. They are hard cover based too and even have flaps so it becomes all the more interesting for babies to explore and have fun. There are many from animals to fruits and more available in different books combination.

  3. Margaret Wise Brown’s beautiful book:

    Margaret Wise Brown’s book about saying goodnight is another interesting book for children to get them into the habit of goodnight time. It has a very charming narrative of ap little bunny taking tally of his little room, also says goodnight to everyone and everything of his before he goes to bed. The bold illustrations and easy prose make it a great first bedtime story for every baby.

  4. Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar:

    This is another hard cover based book with fun holes for little fingers to explore. This book is definitely a must-read. Very colorful, easy to understand, with finger sized holes to explore the collage. A child’s favourite to keep him busy for long.

  5. Dr. Seuss’s books:

    Dr. Seuss’s books are again amazing! They are these big bright early board books for alphabets, numbers and first words.With big images and illustrations, the kids sure find it interesting to be engaged. This is a great start too as I’m a big Dr. Seuss fan and I’m sure your kid will become too…

  6. The Gruffalo collection:

    This range of The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson is another favourite that has beautiful short stories with huge images to keep child happy and engaged. Some stories are where gruffalo is hungry and also a story about gruffalo and it’s child. You can narrate it to the baby by showing those images which can be a good bond time and book time both at the same time! You may also play and explore together with your child.

  7. Dear Zoo:

    Rod Campbell’s preschool classic Dear Zoo has been a firm favourite with children and parents. Babies and young toddlers may enjoy the fun of the story with the Dear Zoo Buggy Book. There’s a handy strap and clip to attach this sturdy board book to your buggy and take it wherever the child goes. A fun book for children. Even the very youngest Dear Zoo fans can discover all their favourite animals. Learn their names. You may also teach that an elephant is too big and a giraffe is too tall by showing those illustrative images. Also they learn the concept of a zoo.

    These are some of the Best Books for Baby and Toddler. For some mommies like me, who initially invested in first time new books, but now since I feel that kids outgrow these tiny tot books fast, I recently started investing in preloved books (used ones basically). You have many online pages wanting to give you a range of such preloved books and many of them are in very good condition as well. I happened to refer to one such facebook page where a lady is into various preloved and new books starting from hard cover based to paper based to puppet and sound books, magnet books are the ones I loved the most, also push and pull books are some more exciting ones that children love. They are available in various age groups. So here’s where you can have a quick look –

Happy Exploring!

Happy Parenting with Budding Star

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