Can you believe your little one is a toddler already? He/She is already into toddler hood and yet it seems as if it was only yesterday when you first held him/her in your arms! This time is a very tough yet important time for several developmental changes that your toddler will go through. He is treading towards an important age and the skills he will learn now will remain for a lifetime. In this post you will look at Toddler Developmental Milestones.

So here are some quick tips that you may want to keep in mind during this phase of your child growth:

Keep a track of his behavior carefully to make sure that he is not finding it difficult with any of them. If so, you may need to help him along yourself or have refer to your pediatrician.

Physical Development is the most important:

Your little one now has a mouth full of teeth; they have emerged in numbers, both in the top and bottom. He will now be an enthusiastic eater and would love to explore more tastes. So let him do that. Your child can also screw and unscrew the bottle caps now or even push open an unlocked door. So make sure you keep him away from even locked doors and keep a watch. Never leave unattended. It is time to make your house child-proof by installing child safety locks.

Children, during this phase are going to be extremely inquisitive and energetic, with their new skills, but there is no need to stop them from experimenting. Let them learn. Fine motor skills are something that they will attain by themselves now. From mere scribbles and wavy lines, they will now progress to straight lines. As parents, one must encourage this art and guide them to support them further by giving them ample opportunities to do so at home.
Gross motor skills are also improving so they can also do stacking at home to build blocks and towers. Stacking is a very important and interesting skill for kids as it gives way to physical development and cognitive power.

Social and Emotional Development is another very important skills:

Let your child interact with other children of the same age. Arrange play dates or take him to the park, let free at social gatherings, or at a relative’s home. The more people he sees, the better to start communicating. Your child will also try to help you in your household, let him. From opening kitchen cabinets to getting in and out of the vessels. This is how child development will begin.

My daughter does that too and I let her. Also, she helps me put the washed clothes on hanger to dry. Always remember, nothing is too early for them. So let them decide what the want to do and how they want to learn. This is how your child develops confidence.

Cognitive Development is the most essential:

At this stage, your little one grasps a lot and his concentration is high too. He no longer gets easily bored and will love to keep himself busy. I got my daughter toys that will keep her engaged for long. Also the ones that will boost thinking and logical skills. Play dough is the best. You get non toxic ones in the market. You may also use food colors to mix in yogurt to use for a messy play. But be around to watch.

I give her small colorful clips hidden inside a huge bowl of rice and she patiently digs for each one to get them out. Also I tried making holes in the carton box on all sides. Holes of the size of a straw opening and then asked her to push the straws inside each one to Keep her busy. It also helps in concentration and hand-eye coordination.

Their language development continues to grow. They learn new words easily and start using them too. With more practice and encouragement, they will do better. They learn what they hear just like they learn what they see and copy the action too. So be very careful as to what you’re speaking before your toddler.

Finally, enjoy this phase with your child and treasure them because it’s going to fly by in a jiffy, even before you realize. So stay calm and mommy on!!

Happy Parenting with Budding Star 🙂


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