Everyone isn’t blessed with a happy and perfect life always, we all need to work hard and take efforts to make our life beautiful.  Being a parent is one of the most difficult things we can do, but when you add disabilities and special needs to the mix, life can become completely overwhelming. Being a special needs mom is not easy, it is overwhelming and taxing at the same time. 

It is crucial for a special need mom to be focused, organized, and dedicated individual. Above all, the trait special need moms value the most is self-love and happiness because it is what gets them through the tough times and keeps them going. Reconnect with your former self before becoming a mother. All the tired special needs mom must take an hour for themselves and do their favourite activity.

Tips For A Special Needs Mother

1. Create Connections 

Most special-needs parents connect with other families in similar situations, whether through the children’s schools or online groups for parents raising special-needs children. Try to find people who share your interests and can hold conversations with you. There’s more to friendship than just talking about your kids, so seek out people with whom you can connect on a personal level as well! Make a simple recipe with your child if he or she enjoys cooking. Try a fun playdough stamping activity to boost your happiness if he or she enjoys playing with playdough. Visit the playground, play in the sandbox, and watch a movie. Make a connection with like-minded special needs mothers.

2. Never Stop Learning 

Being a special needs mother, it is important to keep the mind busy. This helps to take care of happiness, and with a special needs child, there is a lot to learn. Become their go-to person. Advocating from a position of expertise clouts you. Nobody can take away your power.


3. Cut Down Negativity 

You must accept that some things may be difficult to do with your family right now. Keep the delighted memories close, but don’t trudge in the “has ” or “what ifs”. It’s best to think ahead. Whatever happens in the family, stay positive and reduce the negativity. Every day your child lives, another family suffers the unimaginable pain of losing their child. I’m not saying “It could always be worse,” but if you want to remind yourself of the good in your life, keep a gratitude journal. Being happy is a skill that special moms must work on and on, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore your other emotions. Be honest about your feelings, and remember that happiness isn’t for every situation. There are times when I am enraged, frustrated, sad, or brokenhearted. Working on happiness is all about balancing the scales so that happiness comes easier, but sometimes the crazy comes through.

4. Automate Everything

Automate everything that can be automated to make your life easier. Set up auto bill pay, recurring Amazon purchases, pharmacy auto refills, and whatever else you can think of. Get it so you don’t waste your valuable time and focus on better things. 

5. Give Importance to Self Care 

Give yourself a spa treatment at home, many tired special needs mom ignore themselves totally and this should stop. Request that your husband watches your children while you create a spa atmosphere in your bathroom. Light a calming candle, take additional time to wash your hair, take a warm bath, exfoliate your face, and simply focus on loving yourself. As a parent, it is necessary to find activities that make us happy while also caring for our children. Finding something you enjoy could be as simple as taking a 20-minute break in your day to read or listen to a favourite podcast, but make time for things that make you happy.

If you are raising a special needs child then never ignore your happiness too. You need to be happy and content so that you can pass on the same to your child and add more meaning to their life.  A special mom needs to strike a perfect balance while raising a special needs child.  They got to do a little extra but it is worth it. 

Tips To Be A Happy Special Needs Mommy

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