Parenting twins is a highly complex job, as they sleep and wake up at unusual times, handling them should be very stressful, as the mother has to get stronger from the delivery pains, post-pregnancy mindset, and feeding the babies at the right time, it’s a tiresome work for the parents. Their time doesn’t go as per their schedule, and not all times dad stays by their side because they too might go to work which makes the work for mother even more challenging. The only time parents get rest is when their babies are sleeping, most of them do their household chores, have their food, buy groceries, and get some sleep.


Maintain Same Schedule  

Maintaining the same schedule for both babies can give you some time for rest, if you don’t put them to sleep together, there is no possibility of having a relaxing time for you. Managing twins might feel double the trouble. Using nursing pillows is even easier, using this pillow lets you feed both babies at the same time and makes the work easy. Syncing their schedule can get you a break. Swaddling the babies as doing so will make them sleep even more without any disturbances, as wrapping them makes them feel safe and secure and makes them sleep even more. 

Connect With Fellow Twin Mommies 

Build a connection with other twin mommies on social media platforms, and form a community, as they can help you with twin newborns parenting, they share their ideas and experiences through which new twin mommies learn parenting. Joining with these parents would teach you their strategies for coping with twin babies. Sharing clothes and things can also save up money!

Join any club nearby or consult organizations to make parenting hassle-free. 

Enjoy The Journey 

Parenting is a beautiful process that is done with pure love and patience, enjoying each and everything done for the babies and doing everything in love. Never take anything as a punishment or task, do everything with a happy smiling face rather than a frowning face. The new born babies twins will soon grow up and you will miss this phase badly. Parenting is enjoyed by looking at the baby’s smile and responding to their smile, always having a ‘go-to strategies’ list! Take turns with your partner. The first six to eight weeks are the hardest part of parenting, the rest parents get along with the babies. 

Curate Bedtime Rituals 

Before putting the twin newborns to sleep, give them a warm bath and change their diapers, then give them some massage, feed them milk if needed, then put on their night pj’s or swaddle them. Put the babies in their crib and turn off the light or keep the room dim, and make them sleep. 

Alternative Holding Time For Babies 

Carrying both babies at the same time is a difficult job and can be tough with two babies crying, so instead use double strollers or carriers to carry babies at the same time. Getting help is not wrong at all. Get help from your partner to carry the babies. Tie one baby in front and the other in the back, doing it for the first time seems scary but when you are used to it, that makes your work easy. But this method is advisable for a 6-7-month-old baby.

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Managing Twin Babies


Do Not Separate The Twin Babies 

Separating twins is not a good idea as it can cause emotional imbalances, they get emotionally attached when they are separated as twins may have a very close relationship which can affect them. They will feel left out, and may also get psychologically affected. Separation can harm them. 

Don’t Step Out Alone 

Go to places you know, and always take the twin stroller with you as it’s helpful while having newborn twins. Mostly take your partner or anyone for help when you move out as having twin babies it’s not easy to control them alone. When they grow up, they will understand the instructions but until then having a person by your side is advisable.

Don’t Buy Things in Two Every Time 

Buying things in bulk can save money, online shopping is very much advisable as there are frequent offers and home delivery is available which makes the work easier. But introspect before making a purchase and it is not necessary to buy everything in two. Buy things only if you need them, it will save a lot of unwanted expenses. 

Managing twin babies

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