It was my 34th birthday two weeks back. Yeah, I just said that as I don’t believe in concealing my age as it’s just a number. I still have a child inside me and I would never let it aloof in the hustle bustle of life. It still finds happiness in the smallest of things and winks at me whenever it rains and convince me for dancing crazily forgetting everything. Trust me, these little joys of life are always beautiful and satisfying.

Though, life has changed to every possible extent, I’m no longer a free bird who would fly anytime anywhere. Now there are lot of responsibilities to be catered, concerns for everyone around, workload, raising responsible and healthy kids etc. etc.

Amidst all this, sometimes I feel lost, seeing my kids growing up transports me to my childhood days when I used to be the fruit basket of everyone’s eye in the family. Miss those days and the carefree lounging around.

So, on this birthday, I wrote a poem for myself and for all the lovely ladies reading this. Hope you can hear my heart and relate.

Relaxing in Mum’s lap, sharing all my pain

Holding Papa’s finger while crossing the lane

Playing and jumping with my brother in the rain

I want to be a little girl again

Throwing tantrums during mealtimes

Eating only what my heart desires

Feeling pampered day and night

Staying everyone’s heart’s delight

Those carefree giggles, those sibling fights

Those counting stars in the night

Lazing around in the evenings with buddies

Sans tensions and worries

Engrossing in stories of knights and fairies

Dozing off in warriors’ glories

Merrying birthdays with family and peers

Celebrating results with so much of cheer

Whirling and twirling in frill frocks

Gleefully flaunting those lacy socks

Endless babbling basking under the sun

Sharing tiffins and mimickering was the real fun

Waking up daily by Mum’s cuddles and kiss

When meeting Santa was my only wish

No place for ego, drama, conceits

A life quite simple and full of peace

Sobbing and waving at parents at school gate

Vacations and holidays were the most desired wait

Fight with best friend was the biggest pain

Yes, I want to be a little girl again!!!

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