Being a Mom is not a cheesy job and when it comes to Mom of multiples, trust me it is not for the faint of heart.

Every mom’s life revolves around her family only. Their schedules, their hobbies, their choices, their food and even their health. So, basically its all about them – husband, kids, in laws, pets etc etc. We try to give our best, day in and day out to cater their requirements. And in this journey, while continually striving to become superwoman, we make many sacrifices to ensure our kids and other family members have everything they need to be happy. But what about us, the sole caretakers? We ignore ourselves physically, emotionally and end up being sick and frustrated at times. Don’t get me wrong here – there is nothing more rewarding than seeing my kids growing beautifully and happily and it’s worth all the sacrifices and sleepless nights. But as a mom, we should realize that we are also important. We are that pillar of the family without which the family members will not be happy and complete. So, high time we should start taking care of ourselves too.

I don’t believe in resolutions as such as every year on second day itself, I break them so this year I called it a “promise” to myself for taking proper care of myself, staying healthy and happy.

So, here are few changes I have adopted and can see the difference in a week itself. I have found a new version of me – a happier and healthier one. I wish I did this long before but better late than never so here you go:

Waking up half an hour early:

I used to be a night owl and never a morning person but it is rightly said “jab sar pe padti hai, sab Karna padta hai”, so after marriage, like any other wife, I also started getting up relatively early but now I get up 30 mins earlier. Morning schedule of moms in every family is jam packed, cooking breakfast, packing lunch for husband, kids, getting kids ready for school etc etc etc so again it’s about others only. Waking up half an hour early gives me some time alone with my husband, when we can sip our morning coffee together, do some yoga or exercise. I personally find this the best change I did as I feel fit and recharged for handling kids tantrums and other challenges, the day has in store for me.

Eating healthy, eating on time:

I was never a health conscious person when it comes to me. Though, I make sure I feed my family, my kids everything healthy but this rule was never applicable on me. In the quest to finish all the household chores and office stuff, I ran empty stomach frequently, munched on chips, snacks, skipped meals and kept ignoring my health. But, not anymore!!!

Now, I make sure to grab my morning tea and breakfast on time. Only eating healthy is not important, eating on time is more important. Be consistent to your routine. Eat well and on time. Add more fruits, veggies in your diet and less sugar, salt, processed food, aerated drinks. Keep yourself hydrated. You bet, you will see the difference in a week itself.

(Chocolate is something I am still trying to curb my craving for, but here, success seems quite far!)

Work out:

I have a lean body so never felt the need to hit the gym. I started going on evening walks. Once my husband is back home from work, I make sure to get out of my nest for a brisk walk alone. To be honest, I feel so drained out by the evening that I have no energy to exercise so I go on a walk or jog sometimes. Those few mins of freshness leaves me like a happy soul decked up for the rest of the evening. As some work out is important at some age, it serves as a stress buster too. Other options could be joining a dance class/aerobics/Zumba etc. See what best suits you.

Pamper yourself:

To me makeup is just putting lipstick and kajal. But lately, I realized sometimes, it’s good to shower some love to yourself too. Replace your 2 mins shower with a relaxing bubble bath on weekends when your husband can take care of the kids will do wonders. Book a spa session for yourself, a manicure, pedicure, facial, haircut. Buy a new dress, gift yourself flowers, drool over your favorite food and everything that makes you feel good about yourself. Why to wait for someone to pamper you, go ahead mommy, take a break.

Dress up:

Make a habit of dressing up well daily even if you are home and not going out. No pajamas anymore, get yourself a new wardrobe with comfortable clothes, tees, palazzos etc. You will feel good about yourself. Take a minute out to make up your beautiful tresses instead of that old messy bun.

Go out with friends:

Keeping in touch with friends after kids is not easy but a day in a month won’t harm anyone. Plan a girls out with your friends, fellow mommies, with whom you can talk your heart out, listen and relate to them. A lunch date, shopping or just a cup of coffee together will do the job. This will make you feel you are not alone in tired mommy’s club.

Self care is not being selfish, rather it’s rewarding. These little breaks what I call as “Me time” or “Mommy time” proved to be very rejuvenating. Little changes in lifestyle can make big differences. So mommies, take a vow and stop doing disservice to yourself and your family by ignoring yourself. Add yourself, your happiness, your health in your priority list too. Remember you are precious and your family needs you.

It’s going to be a win win game in the end.


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