To soothe a crying baby has always been a difficult task as babies cannot express their problems in words. Therefore it is difficult to understand why the baby may be crying. Diagnosing in babies is more dependent on signs and different gestures they make. This post describes Reasons why Baby cries.

Babies mainly cry due to hunger. Wet diapers can be another reason. But other than these, babies may be facing some problems which become the cause of discomfort.

Ayurveda has explained these problems with the respective signs. Here are 21 Reasons why baby cries:

  1. A Headache – a baby suffering from a headache rolls the head frequently and is not be able to sleep, moans while sleeping and shows reluctance to breast milk. This is one of the common reasons why baby cries.
  2. Earache– a baby suffering from an earache will frequently touch ears, shake head, will have disturbed or no sleep and dullness.
  3. Diseases of Mouth – a baby suffering from diseases of mouth will get have excessive salivation, will be reluctant to breast milk, and will vomit out the milk taken.
  4. Pain in the throat– pain in throat results from inflammation. A baby suffering from inflammation in the throat will have fever, tastelessness, fatigue and is not able to swallow easily.
  5. Diseases of epiglottis– excessive salivation, aversion from food and nausea, inflammation and pain on cheeks and child usually keeps mouth open
  6. Congestion in the throat– difficulty in swallowing, salivation, anorexia, mild fever, these are the signs seen in a baby having congestion in throat.
  7. Fever– before the onset of fever, child flexes the body parts repeatedly, yawns and coughs frequently and suddenly clings to the mother, has an aversion from breast milk, anorexia, discolouration, excessively warm forehead and cold feet.
  8. Diarrhoea – a baby suffering from diarrhoea will have altered bodily colour, looks dull and tired, will have disturbed sleep, will not feel like eating and will not pass gas.
  9. Pain in the abdomen (colic pain)– a baby having pain in abdomen shows reluctance to breast milk, cries, sleeps in the supine position, has the stiffness of abdomen, and perspiration of face.
  10. Vomiting– frequent belching, restlessness and frequent yawning are signs of vomiting.
  11. Dyspnoea– difficulty in breathing with hot and deep breath.
  12. Thirst– a child suffering from thirst, does not get satisfied even after taking enough breast milk, cries, has dry lips and palate, depressed fontanelle and becomes weak. [this is usually encountered in diarrhoea.]
  13. Anaemia– a baby suffering from anaemia will have swelling around the umbilicus, the whiteness of eyes, deformity of nails, loss of appetite, and swelling in both eye pits.
  14. Jaundice– yellowness of eyes, nails, face, faeces and urine is found in a child suffering from jaundice. The child loses digestive capacity.
  15. Piles– the child suffering from piles is emaciated, has a well-formed solid stool, stool with blood, feeling of compression in the anal region, itching and pricking pain in the anal
  16. Cold- baby suffering from cold breaths through the mouth, repeatedly sucks the breast, has running nose and warm forehead, sneezes and coughs.
  17. Dysuria (urine infection) – a baby suffering from dysuria has pain while urination, bites lips and grinds teeth, rubs the pubic area with hands frequently.
  18. Infected G.I.T– frequent yawning, body pains, reluctance to milk, vomiting, flatulence and dullness are the features of the infected gastrointestinal tract.
  19. Imperfect digestion– sticky mouth, tastelessness, sleepy, pallor, dullness, anorexia are seen in a baby who has indigestion. The baby appears to be untidy even after a bath.
  20. Insect bite– red rashes in some part or all over the body, difficulty in sleeping, moans during sleep.
  21. Eye disorder– pain and oedema of eyes, redness and irritation may persist.

So these are the reasons why baby cries. All these problems are commonly the cause of discomfort in babies. Hope these will prove to be helpful for new mothers.

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