Cold in babies is very common. It is a problematic period when a baby is suffering from cold for baby as well as the parents as there is no immediate relief for this ailment. I have observed that in most of the cases once the cold occurs it takes a minimum of 5-7 days to get relief from it no matter what medication one takes. Cold in babies can make these few days very torturous. So, here in this article I am sharing some remedies for cold in babies which can be helpful to give some comfort. 

Remedies for Cold in Babies:

  • Feed the baby with very light and easy to digest food as the heavy food will produce more kapha (phlegm in laymen language) which will further produce more heaviness.
  • Frequent breastfeeding is advisable as it contains antibodies which help in fighting the cold.
  • Make sure your baby doesn’t get constipated.
  • Give carrom (ajwain) seed water (take 1 tsp of ajwain in 500 ml i.e a glass full of water and boil it till it reduces to half). Strain this water and keep giving a teaspoon of this frequently to the baby. It will help the baby to recover soon and also in avoiding snuffy nose. This remedy is for babies above 6 months.
  • For babies below six months fumigating the room of a baby with carom seed smoke (in charcoal angethi) can be done.
  • For babies below six months mother’s milk is the best. And if baby suffers with snuffy nose then saline drops can be instilled in nose so that there is no difficulty in breathing. Care should be taken not to use the saline drops very frequently as it produces dryness in the nasal lining.
  • Make a paste by rubbing jaiphal (nutmeg) in a grinding stone and mix it with cow ghee. This paste should be gently rubbed in the temples and the dimples above the hip of baby. This gives warmth to the baby which helps in fighting cold.
  • Change the clothes of baby daily to avoid infection.
  • Bathing the baby in warm water can help. Just make sure the baby is not exposed to clod after bath. Keep the room of a baby warm.
  • Steam helps a lot. Keep a humidifier or simply keep boiling water on an induction so that the room has warm vapors. It helps in relieving congestion.
  • Keep wiping the nose and don’t let the mucus to get dried up around the nostrils as this is where the virus resides and keeps active.
  • I personally don’t suggest giving anti allergens. If fever persists then acetaminofen drops can be given.
  • Homeopathic medicines taken through proper prescription by a doctor is good for babies as it is easy to administer and is also having no side effects.
  • Another medicine which I found to be very useful is Divya Dhara by patanjali which can be rubbed in the clothes and around the pillows in case of babies. Care should be taken that the liquid should not go in the eyes of the baby as it can cause a lot of irritation.

Lastly I would say that according to Ayurveda, cold can be beaten up with heat. Not only external heat but internal heat which is nothing but the digestive fire. If the digestive fire is active cold cannot harm. So lot of care should be taken while selecting food which you give to your little ones.

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