I am writing this for you as we are the only who are taking care of our whole families health. “Healthy living with healthy food”..Healthy living is a long time commitment. It is more than simple daily habits, it’s a lifestyle whether you are trying to eat a well balanced diet or live stress-free life. So I am going to pen down Zero Oil Cooking Recipes for Moms for healthy life.

No oil cooking is beneficial to health in our age who crossed their 30’s in the long run. Zero oil cooking is getting popular in India now as we are more aware of healthy living and they know the problem is stress of today’s life and will search towards solutions !! Everyone wants to lead a healthy and good long life without any health issues. And the solution is healthy eating with low calorie,low cholesterol but maximum benefit.

We Indians are aware about obesity and diabetes and many more problems related with our eating habits now a days. It is better to follow a diet which is low in fat but healthy in terms of giving protein, carbohydrates,vitamins and minerals.

So here are Zero Oil Cooking Recipes for Moms for Healthy life: 

1. Zero oil salads

Take boiled eggs , now cut the white portion into small pieces, now add chopped onions, tomatoes, broccoli ( simply boiled in water ) cucumber, capsicum, red bell, yellow bell, corns (my preferred vegies). Mix all the ingredients well and at last add green chutney in it.

According to your preference you can add sprouts instead of eggs (for vegetarian friends).

2. Zero oil snacks

I have two good snacks for you ; one is packets of chips came in market for frying instead of frying you can put in microwave container (glass one only) for One and half minute and your diet chips are ready.
Other snack is Curd Sandwich ( brown bread) you required hung curd( hang in cloth for one hour), onions, tomatoes, etc. all your preferred vegies. Spread the hung curd on bread with veggies and grill it for 2 minutes or so. Your sandwich’s are ready.

3. Zero oil dal

People who preferred dals and cereals; you can try one for sure. Boil whole dal (mung sabat or modh) and take it half cooked and mix all preferred vegies in it with flavor of lemon in it.

4. Microwave vegetables

Instead of boiling the vegetables, you can microwave the finely chopped vegies (beans,capsicum ,red and yellow bell , broccoli , carrots, corns, etc. for 2 mins and have it with mixing with curd and green chutney (dhaniya chutney). Try it, very delicious for those who preferred zero oil cooking .

5. Zero oil chicken 

For people who like chicken , I preferred boiled just adding salt and turmeric in it for 25 minutes on low flame in pressure cooker.while serving you can add black pepper on it. My kids and family love it and off course easy to cook without oil and very healthy for growing up kids.

In a nutshell, I summerize some of my daily used zero oil dishes at home and hope you people liked it too. Those who like zero oil cooking loved this blog of mine..

Have a healthy life….

Happy Parenting with BuddingStar …..!!

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