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These days, I feel bit worried about our child’s safety and few questions frequently arises in my mind that How Safe Our Children are??

On a routine basis, Newspaper and TV news are full with child abuse cases. It is very frightening, fearful, depressing, and it feels unsafe to live in the society.

Are you too worried about the safety of your child???

So, it is the need of the hour to educate our children about few important things of life. We have to take initiative and educate our children that how they tackle the real life situations like child abuse and self safety. It is our prime duty towards our children that we ourselves tell these things to our children and not give any chance to criminal people to do such heinous crimes.

Last Sunday, I met my friend Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur (Child Psychologist) and we discussed about the whole issue of child abuse and their safety. She suggested me some important things to tell our children straight away without any delay. She said when your child starts formal schooling; this is the right time to educate him/her about the following things. So I summarized few points for you Mommies…

Some DO’s:

  1. Teach your 3 years old that how to wash private parts properly. And tell them about good and bad touch.
  2. Warn your child that nobody can touch your private parts.
  3. Warn your girl child, Never sit on anyone’s lap no matter what the situation is..Including uncles.
  4. Always observe your child if he/she is very fond of particular person
  5. Never force your child to visit any adult if he/she is not comfortable.
  6. Observe your child whenever he/she goes out with friends to play, look for a way to find out what type of play they do, sometimes young children sexually abuse themselves.
  7. When suddenly your lively child become quiet. You may patiently ask few questions to satisfy yourself.
  8. Patiently educate your child (grown ups) about the right value of sex. If you don’t society will teach wrong values.
  9. Parental controls on cable networks, and observe what they see on TV, internet etc…
  10. Observe your child’s friends with whom he/she meet quiet often.
  11. Friendly communication or two way communication with your child helps us the best to know when the problem occurs.

Some Don’ts:

  1. Don’t get dressed up in front of your child once he/she is 2 years old. Learn to excuse them or yourself.
  2. Don’t force your child to visit any adult if he/she is not comfortable.
  3. Don’t ignore your child’s complaint about particular person.
  4. Don’t be quiet about it. Take up the matter and show you can defend them.
  5. Don’t ignore redness or patches on skin of your child. You may patiently ask from your child about the scars or redness.

So our aim is not to frighten our child, but that’s how we can teach him/her the basic rules of safety. Even though for the safety of our child, government starts some self safety/self defense courses for children and that is also free of cost.

Stop Child Sex Abuse..!! Don’t Be Silent..!!

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