Though both a man and a woman take over the role of a parent after a child, but the truth is that a mother’s life goes for a complete toss. Juggling between learning to feed, clean and sleep. And dealing with postpartum issues life comes to a halt. And the fact that women don’t get any ME time makes it worst. So, to bring a little balance to that over exhausted mind here are 3 Must have Products for Every New Mom:

 Invest in a good stroller:

Yes, more for  your sake moms. And make sure you lock your house and go for a stroll each day. It may be as short as 10 mins or as long as an hour. Whatever suits you and your baby. Make a customized routine. Maybe after the evening poop, or post bath early morning. That fresh air and meeting new people will do you good.

Breast pump:

Yes you need it. During the initial months, a baby needs the mom the most and the feeding sessions can be exhausting for mothers too. And every mother surely deserves a break. So store the feed and hand over the baby to the dad for maybe just a few hours over the weekend. And this time can be invested in a relaxing SPA session or catching up with friends for coffee.

Baby monitor:

As a mother it is impossible even to go for a head bath. So investing in baby monitors can help you take care of your baby even when you are bathing or in the kitchen or ironing the clothes. It’s like an ally you’ve been craving for. So put your baby to sleep. Place that monitor near him, and feel free to watch TV in the next room.

These 3 Must have Products for Every New Mom will definitely lessen your burden and breathe easy. Every mother deserves some space. And you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Remember only a happy mom can raise happy kids.

So if you are a to be mom, buy these. And if you a mom already, what are you waiting for. Go get your life back.

Till then Happy Parenting with Budding Star

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