Life after kids is a roller-coaster ride where thinking about yourself takes all the mother’s on a guilt trip. Not forgetting the fact that they don’t have time in hand. So to look good and feel good becomes a far fetched dream. Washing face becomes a task. Hair are constantly tied in a bun, basics like threading and waxing go for a toss.  Then how can a new mom remain sane. And feel as Beautiful as she actually is. Here are my 5 picks for mother’s who just have 5 mins in hand to dress up. These are the things you can do to help you look all dolled up even in a jiffy.

1.  5 Min Dress up Hacks for MOMS: Cut those tresses

I followed this and felt so liberated. Not just short hair are easy to manage, they even cut down years from your age and make you look fresh. And the cherry on the cake is, your child can’t pull them now. So, spot a pixie cut or simply shorten than till shoulder, its a great plan for summers and it takes less than 5 minutes to run a comb on them.

2.  5 Min Dress up Hacks for MOMS: Colour them up

If short hair is not your forte and you have a weak heart in front of those scissors then try this, colour. You can experiment from subtle browns and hazels to dramatic reds and burgandy. The quality is remarkable and would do no harm to your lovely hair. This will not only make you look different but also inject that extra dose of confidence which goes amiss post pregnancy. And you are party ready in less than 5 minutes.

3. 5 Min Dress up Hacks for MOMS: Tie them up

Don’t get me wrong mums, I certainly don’t mean tying your hair up with a band. What I mean is learning from those 5 min tutorials on YouTube to make a messy bun, or French knot or a chignon. They look classy and are a perfect solution for those third day oily hair.

4. 5 Min Dress up Hacks for MOMS: Make up

After the hair are sorted, comes make up. Forget those concealers and highlighters and compacts. Let’s be very Honest, you don’t have time. So for a regular day apply some gloss and a kajal and you are ready to go. And when its a big day, match your foundation to your skin tone, after that all you need is a kajal and a lipstick. Now this lipstick can be used as a blush, an eye shadow and a lip colour of course. Just find a perfect tutorial for on the go makeup and you are ready to rock and roll in 5 mins.

5. 5 Min Dress up Hacks for MOMS: Dress up

The best piece of clothes I own is a jacket and a stole. So when I am wearing my western clothes, I pull over my shimmery jacket. And for those Indian days I wrap my stole around and I am ready in less than 5 mins.

So, mother’s whatever you do for your baby, always remember only “a happy mommy raises a happy baby”.

Happy Dressing.

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Happy Parenting with Budding Star ….!!


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