The plethora of Personalized Books for Kids today keeps one wondering what is the best place to invest one’s money. After doing my research and getting a couple of customized products for my son, I came across ‘I and my story’. This one here is a little baby trying to come out if its shell. Though not highly advertised, it is making a mark for itself with its quality content.

I got the book titled, ‘ Wonder-ing Carpet’ customized for my son.


  • The most fascinating way to teach a child especially a preschooler about wonders of the world.
  • With the child’s photograph in the book, it becomes a prized possession for the little ones. They learn the concept of my property.
  • The binding is steady and colors are vibrant. Perfect for kids who can’t read, yet relate to pictures.
  • Facts about each wonder is mentioned at the end of the book for older and more inquisitive kids.
  • Child’s name along with his friends names enhances the involvement manifolds.
  • One book will suffice even for siblings and the characters range from one to many according to the titles available.
  • And my most favorite part, this one here is pocket friendly, it won’t dent your budget and can be customized in advance as birthday gifts too.

Now for the Cons

  • The font could be a bit bigger for kids who can read.
  • Marketing of the same by the company could be more intensive.
  • A faster courier service can be used as the product I received was after some delays.

The staff at iandmystory is responsive and available for all the queries we have. As a mother I would suggest these books as a must have in your child’s library.

Happy Parenting with Budding Star 

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