Congratulations mummy, and a very warm welcome to the beginning of the most beautiful and exhausting phase of your life. Whereat the end of this journey you’ll be holding your baby along with sleepless nights, fatigued body, sore nipples to count a few. But it’s beautiful nonetheless. So to prepare yourself for the upcoming hurdle and to be a Rock Star and stay healthy and fit, for that delivery day and beyond follow these 7 Tips to Stay Healthy in your Pregnancy

7 Tips To Stay Healthy In Your Pregnancy: Stay Active

Save that heavy workout for later. Right now, walk, do your daily chores. Don’t stay in one place. The better your movement, the smoother the delivery. Moreover, you won’t put on that extra weight.

  1. Water – Drink as much as you can. You must have at least one glass of water every hour you are awake. It keeps the toxins at bay and constipation which can be a problem during pregnancy is also best avoided with water. Fill up your sipper and keep it handy. Water is an elixir for you now and also post-delivery.
  2. Yoga – Sign up for the prenatal yoga classes around you. They will keep you in shape and help in dilation when the time comes. Scientifically, yoga during pregnancy benefits both mother and child. As you learn to control your breathing which helps during the third trimester when breathing properly with that belly becomes a challenge. Also, it keeps you calm and focused.
  3. Regular check-ups – Never ever miss one of these. No matter what all advice you get from around you, your doctor knows the best. And with advancing technology, all hiccups could be kept at bay if you are a responsible parent. Follow the diet they give, gulp your supplements and stay updated about your vaccines. A little prevention will go a long way.
  4. Stay happy – Don’t stress. It may actually affect your child’s growth. Stay happy, sleep well, eat well. Do what you like. Meet people who make you feel good about yourself. Pamper yourself with an occasional foot massage or head massage because only happy mummies raise happy kids. And the world is in dearth of those. These are 5 Tips to Stay Healthy in your Pregnancy.
  5. Avoid harmful substances – You are automatically protecting yourself by avoiding alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs at the time of pregnancy as these substances lead to the baby being addicted from birth, low birth weight, etc
  6. Make Sure You Are Eating For Two – Make sure you are maintaining a healthy weight. Women mostly need around 300-400 calories more than usual for at least six to seven months
  7. Educate Yourself – Since pregnancy is a new phase in most of our lives, and we have different experiences during our second pregnancy too, take time to educate yourself about the different stages of pregnancy, parenting, and many more.

I hope you have fulfilling motherhood. Stay blessed. And I wish these above 7 Tips to stay healthy in your Pregnancy useful to you. And do share your experiences in the comments below. Till then happy reading…..

Happy Parenting

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