Children are delicate and must be handled with ample love, affection, and care. A small mistake from parent’s side, during a child’s infant-hood, can affect a great deal in the child’s future. Keeping in mind all important things that a parent must take care of a child, ‘sleep’ comes at the rim of it. The more your child sleep, the better he/she grows. Sometimes, due to varied reasons children are not able to sleep. Wet napkins, coldness, appetite, improper nutrition- everything affects a child’s growth and his sleep. So, here are 5 effective ways to improve your child’s sleep.

1. Create an ambiance for sleep: To make your child fall asleep, it is important that you take utmost care of your child’s sleep time. First, make the room dark because of the hormone called Melatonin hormone, which is responsible for controlling the sleep and wake cycle in a child, starts its secretion during a dark time. While bright lights can hamper their sleep, darkness helps them to sleep. Children love their toys. They sleep, eat and play with them. Keeping your child’s favorite teddy bear by the bedside, calms their body and mind and helps them to sleep.

2. Oil massage: Oil massage is a very effective way to improve your child’s sleep time. Massaging oil every night, one hour prior to bed, increases the blood circulation in their body and also makes them feel sleepy. Amla oil, almond oil, and baby oil are best to apply. Applying few drops of oil onto the forehead, chest and eyelids make them feel tired and calm enough to sleep. But since it’s about your baby, consult an ayurvedic doctor before applying any oil.

3. Proper nutrition: For a child’s proper growth, nutrition is most important. Proper nutrition helps your child to grow both physically and mentally and also improves your child’s sleep cycle. Heavy dinner is an energy giver. So remember not to feed your child heavy at night. The best way is to feed your child one hour prior to sleep so that his digestion cycle becomes appropriate. Avoid feeding any kind of junk food. Instead fill their plates with lots of fruits, vitamins, and fiberous food.

4. Ayurvedic therapy: Less sleeping can negatively affect your child’s growth. 60% of child’s growth happen when they sleep. Hence, it’s important that they sleep for 8 to 10 hours continuously. When home remedies fail to show any positive effect, it’s time to consult doctors. Consult an ayurvedic doctor for best solutions without any side effects. Since ayurvedic therapies are herbal therapies and don’t have any side effects, they are best for your kids. Ayurvedic remedies like Saraswata Brita, Aravindasava etc. are helpful to improve your child’s sleep cycle.

5. Some dos and don’ts: While the above ways will help to improve your child’s sleep cycle, there are certain points that you must remember which may affect your child’s sleep.

  • Never feed heavy food before bed time.
  • Don’t let your child watch TV or play with mobile phones before bedtime because the rays from the screen hurt their eyes which in a way is harmful and obviously hamper their sleep.
  • Don’t let your child live on junk foods.
  • Always shut the curtains of the room while your baby sleeps.
  • Don’t make a habit to feed your kid in front of TV, cartoons, etc.

Conclusion: It’s essential that your child sleeps 8 to 10 hours a day. And above mentioned are the most effective remedies that will definitely help your child have a sound sleep.

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