Be alert when your children are busy in playing games on phone or any other gadget.

Many parents warn their children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Fewer parents, though, know that they should also warn against so-called “games” that are so risky as they can lead to injury or death.

Today, I read a heart breaking news on a social networking site that a 14 year boy kills himself by jumping off a building just because of a game called “The BLUE WHALE CHALLENGE GAME“. Not only one child, this game has claimed more than 130 lives in Russia and UK.

Consequently, Police arrested 22 year old Russian creator of this killing game. This game has many levels which are very dangerous like killing of animals, carving picture of Blue Whale on their body, vein cutting and finally suicide. Each task also needs to be photographed or videotaped, so the administrators have a proof of completion and authenticity, including the final suicide.

Blue Whale Challenge Game
Its really sad to hear on which path our kids are moving on. From last 10 years we have seen many changes in technology. Many new gadgets are in market like mobiles, ipads, computers, laptops, tabs, ipods, etc. that has drastically changed our lives. Even these gadgets made our lives very easy. Children take help of these gadgets in their studies also. It has became very essential part of our life.

Although these things are helpful for us, but anyhow these gadgets also have bad impact on our kids.

Here are some bad effects of using excessive gadgets :-

1.  An increase in emotional disorder symptoms.
2.  An increase in and behavioral disorder symptoms.
3.  Declines in verbal memory performance.
4.  Attention problems such as hyperactivity
5.  Family interaction problems such as less positive parental relations
6.  Playing violent video games is a significant risk factor for later physically aggressive behavior.
7.  Lower grades.
8.  Less physical activities and becoming overweight.
9.  Decreased sleep and poor quality sleep.
10. Games can confuse reality and fantasy.

So these were the ill effects of video games on our children mentally and physically. We should be aware of these and don’t let our child prey of these games and gadgets.

Blue Whale Challenge Game

I want to share some tips with you parents to take care of children while using gadgets or playing games:-

1. Be a loving, attentive parent who disciplines your child well.
2. Monitor video game play the same way you need to monitor television and other media.
3. Although playing video games can be a learning experience, give your kid a variety of entertaining things to learn from, so your kid will not be addicted to just one thing. Be sure to make him read books, play sports, interact with other kids, and watch good TV.
4.  Consider limiting your child’s video game playing to an hour a day.
5. Decide what is acceptable in your home and if you think violent games are not acceptable, explain to your kid the reason why it might be bad for him.
6. Look for games involving multiple players to encourage group play.
7. Consider your child’s maturity level to determine which games are suitable for him.
8. Spend time with your child or play games with him so that you can guess the behavior of your child and even your child will enjoy your company.
9. Use the video game ratings to determine the violence and adult content of the game.
10. Motivate your child to play physical games so that he can get both mentally and physically fit.

Dear parents, your children need your time and attention. Be the motivation of your child, support them and guide them well so that they can lead to a healthy life.

In my next article we will talk about latchkey kids. Keep reading!! And do share your precious views.

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