Being a mother is the most wonderful experience for a woman and same for me when I was expecting my first baby. Initially I enjoyed each and every moment of pregnancy. Physical changes, regular check-ups, etc. Then when my 9 months were almost completed and my due date was near, my sister-in-Law who is a doctor by profession told me about labour pains. At that time I was little worried because I had heard women screaming in pain at delivery time.
We went to doctor as my due date came but I wasn’t feeling any pain. Then doctor suggested that may be we have to opt for C-section as there was no labour pain aroused. My mother was very much disturbed to hear this as she was aware that C-section will further bring lot of complexities after the delivery. Complexities like Back pain, fatty stomach & what not..!!! Well the Question arises Is C-Section painful or not?
Then doctor told my parents that she needs to be admitted in hospital in next 1 or 2 days. So following that, I was admitted in hospital the very next day. Initially doctor induced me artificial pains. But unluckily nothing happened and at the end doctor decided for c-section. I had no idea about c-section, what was going on, how much pain I have to bear, nothing. I was just only following instructions what my doctor & my family was saying. After the decision, they took me to operation theater. At that time I was strong, wasn’t scared at all and continuously I was just chanting God’s Name. The only thing I could see my mother sobbing….. In the operation theater doctor I felt everything. I was given anesthesia. I could feel what the doctor was doing. And it was the most wonderful moment for me when my baby was out of womb. I could hear her cries, but soon I fainted. After 3-4 hours I saw my baby, felt the feeling of a mother. No words can explain that moment.
So, for me it was not at all bad experience going through c-section. I had gone through two c-sections and both of the time there were no complications that occurred. After that, I had a very fast recovery. My scar is so low that none will ever see it. In c-section delivery you can leave for home after 3rd or 4th day and need to take care very much. You’ll be advised on caring for your incision — and keeping the wound clean and undisturbed is your best course.
Every experience is different but in my opinion c-section has been fastest recovery than natural delivery. My whole experience was very positive.

My dear expecting mothers there’s nothing to worry, just you need to take care. Well I hope I am successful in giving your answer “Is C-Section Painful or Not”?

Stay healthy, stay active, Laugh a lot and be positive….!!! These 9 months is a beautiful phase of your life…Cherish it..!!. And I want to tell all the mothers out there, our recovery depends on us also. Be strong… Trust me when you will see your little bundle of joy’s face for the first time you will automatically forget the pains….

And moreover, whichever way is opted, health of mother and child must be the priority that actually matters.
I hope this may be helpful for few of expecting mothers.

Happy Parenting with Budding Star ..!!!


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