Mothers care for the well-being of the entire family. They must get time to care for themselves. Self-care is a must for the physical and mental health of mothers. The busy schedule of the day wouldn’t allow enough time for the mothers to care for themselves. But, an hour from a day can be happily taken care of self. Self-care is just a time for rejuvenating the soul to keep the body and mind healthy. Self-care is a process of restoring balance to the body, mind and soul. It can help us reduce stress, increase energy levels and improve overall well-being. From assistance with detoxification, hydration replenishment, headaches and fatigue, mobile IV therapy in Burbank provides a convenient and safe way to give your body the nutrients it needs for optimal health whether it’s giving yourself an hour of ‘me-time’ for a massage or booking mobile IV therapy with our award-winning staff – it’s important to make time for yourself and achieving optimal health.

Need for self-care for moms-self care is not selfish

The majority of mothers care for the health and need of the entire family. They take their health and needs secondary to the needs of the others in the family. Kids and older people in the family get priority from the mothers when it comes to caring for their health. Mothers wouldn’t enjoy a favourite show or take a nap before ensuring that the needs of all the family members are satisfied. Happy Mothers need to be cautious about their health so they could keep themselves happy.

It is a must to realize that caring for the self is not selfish. Caring for self means taking the right diet and having the right amount of sleep. So, mothers must eat right and sleep right to be healthy. Mothers need not sacrifice their liking to ensure that others are good. Everyone must be taught to care for themselves as much as possible. Mothers must plan a self-care schedule and let the family know about it. One can care for others in a good manner only if one cares for themselves. The survey by healthy women and working mothers reported that 78% of the mothers couldn’t take care of their health because they were busy caring for their loved ones. Mothers must change this attitude and decide on care for their health to avoid serious health issues.

The social expectations and the norm that has been created for the role of the mother makes the mother go beyond her physical abilities and work. It is high time that mothers should unlearn all the norms of society that had been ascribed to their role. All the mothers have to consciously realize that some time is essential and she matters more for her and the entire family. She would certainly care for her without being guilty if the ones she cares for realized her worth.

Simple and Doable self-care for Busy Moms:

Self-care is not very hard. It doesn’t require much time. It is just a conscious decision that mothers have to make to have a satisfactory life. The attitude of the mothers matters when it comes to self-care. There isn’t any need to fear the judgements that others would make. We matter more to ourselves. So, it is we who have to decide if what we are doing is right are wrong. Self-care isn’t a harm to anyone until it disturbs the privacy and routine of the loved ones or any stranger whom we pass by. Here are a few doable self care ideas for moms.

Sweat it out:                                  

Mothers might think that household chores are strenuous exercise. It isn’t that physically sweating and wouldn’t burn calories as an hour of conscious exercise like a walk, yoga and dance would do. Household chores can’t be considered exercise if the washing of clothes is done manually and dishes aren’t washed by the dishwasher. The seat one could experience after an hour of walking or 15 min minutes of random dance moves could remove all the toxins from the body. It will certainly rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. So, sweat it out and stay healthy. Do not spend all day in household chores, because the routine of it is just going to tire you more. Grab your earphones, enjoy the music, and just do some workouts for your body. Parent self-care should never be ignored. Give time to your body.

Prioritize sleep:

An adult requires 8 to 9 hours of sleep the night. Do not compromise on that at any cost. A day of losing sleep when the kid or other family member is sick is fine. But, the routine loss of sleep has ill effects on health. Make it a habit to have good sleep. Take the afternoon naps that you would require during your weekends if it isn’t possible during the weekdays.

self care ideas for moms

Take a hot shower:

A hot shower has the best power to make the body and mind feel light. So, take the shower when you feel you would need it. Just enjoy the aroma of the perfume and the time at the shower when you get the time. This is one of the easiest self care tips.

Call a friend:

Friends are the best source to take the stress out of our minds. It isn’t that easy to talk about things that would involve our spouses or in-laws to our parents or relatives. A friend is the best person to share our hearts and get an unbiased suggestion for any issue that we would face. A talk on random things about childhood and college days with a friend will certainly energize the mind. We could work on things much faster after having a happy talk with our friends.

Having a plan-you might be lucky:

Planning is an essential part of self-care. So, plan on things that you wish to do. Fix a day and time for things you need to enjoy all by yourself. All your plans will be executed if you are lucky. Be happy if part of your plans goes well and the other part doesn’t go as you wish.self care ideas for mom

So, these were the self-care ideas for women. Mothers need not feel guilty about spending time with them. It is a gift that is taken by choice for all the work done for others. Doing what one loves without worrying is the best way to care for oneself. So, just love yourself and care for yourself. Children will turn out to be more responsible and happy when mothers are happy by taking care of themselves in a conscious manner.

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