weaning child bad habits

Weaning Child bad habits

  Want to wean your children off BAD HABITS? Here’s a unique Parenting Approach: A wealthy man Jayant Rao requested an old scholar to wean his young son Saurabh away from his bad habits. The scholar took the youth Saurabh for a stroll through a garden....

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exam stress

A heartfelt appeal to all Parents

DEAR PARENTS GIVE THEM SUNSHINE, GIVE THEM SOME RAIN GIVE THEM ANOTHER CHANCE, SO THEY DON’T GROW INSANE Again that time of the year has come, the dreaded month of March. The month hated equally by students. Parents and teachers alike. It is that time of the year when...

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6 ways Fathers can spend quality time with their Kids

A mother carries the baby for 9 months, delivers her, feeds her and looks after her. As generally mothers are the primary caregivers of their baby, fathers often feel left out of the whole bringing up the child routine. I had a confinement nanny who looked after me...

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child’s homework

Why You should not do your Child’s Homework

Last week at a gathering over tea, we ladies (around 10) were gossiping on various subjects. The mood was light and the mint tea refreshing. But slowly the conversation started to heat up and I saw ladies all trying to speak at once. And what was the debate on?...

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Planning second baby

Planning Second Baby | Yes, our Kids do need Siblings

Loneliness is the worst possible situation, I guess. We all have faced it many times in life. What if we don’t have anyone to whom we can open to. At times we can’t share even with our better halves. We need someone who understands our inner souls, who...

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Best Keepsake Ideas For Children

Best Keepsake Ideas For Your Children

Every parents wish to give their kids not only all the pleasure of life but also the best memories. I am no different. Every now and then I think what all I can treasure for my kids. Gifts are not necessarily always monetary. So here are few low cost and best keepsake...

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tips for an anxious parents

Tips For An Anxious Parents

Are you an anxious parent, here are some tips for an anxious parents to help you.  With all the pressure around us, we not only are anxious as parents, but also passing those pressure on to our kids. These days anything and everything around us is about immediacy. It...

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