Parents and teachers play a collective role in ensuring the growth and development of children in all spheres of life. Specifically, the stakeholders play a significant role in achieving students’ educational goals and the school’s overall management. However, most parents don’t participate in this demanding duty, leaving the teachers to shoulder the responsibility. Perhaps we can attribute such cases to a lack of knowledge on the part of the parents.

What role does parent involvement play in the academic success of a student? Many parents don’t understand the impact of their presence on the student’s mental health, particularly in terms of the motivation to work and make them proud. As a result, most of the population has believed that money provides all that they might be unable to offer, leading to an increase in the levels of parental negligence. If you are one of such parents, then this article might be useful in increasing your awareness of the high calling to guide your children towards academic success.

What is the role of parents in school improvement?

The role of parents in school management spans multiple domains. This aspect is true and vital since they are the primary decision-makers and core stakeholders in the school’s running. The following are some of the responsibilities parents play towards improving the school:

Development of the governing policies

Parents must ensure that the school management works within the stipulated laws. Based on this, they have to work through parent associations, which in most cases operate as a policy development group and a delegative representation of the guardians. The committee spearheads reforms in the school environment to ensure the students are safe as they pursue their ambitions.

Keeping track of the performance of the children

Performance is of utmost importance when it comes to education. In particular, the employment sector is based on merit, meaning that students must work hard to acquire the skills that make them employable. However, this is impossible if the parents don’t take up their role to monitor the performance and contribute to the policies that would change the trajectory of things. Hence, it is in the student’s interest that parents be vigilant in calling for reforms to see individual learners’ performance go up.

Paying the required funds

Schools have various economic burdens that they seek to address. In this regard, the monetary contribution from the parents goes a long way in helping these institutions achieve their objectives, more so in terms of making the learning environment more conducive for the students. As a result, parents must embrace the role of paying school fees and other charges as might be decided from time to time.

Offering advice on the various ways to use when dealing with unprecedented events in the school environment

There are times when the school might face serious issues, leading to a reduction in the quality of service. In such instances, the parents must provide the necessary support, particularly regarding remediation measures, to ensure the students are safe and ready to learn. In some cases, the parents might decide to offer free services to the schools to help cut off the expenses of hiring other professionals.

Providing a conducive learning environment for students at home

Part of academic guidance and the role of the parents that aligns with the school objectives is to provide the students with a proper learning environment while at home. It is one of the strategies that ensure the learner can fulfil the demands of the academic program, particularly through assignments.

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Role of parents in school discipline

The role of parents in school improvement goes beyond finances and providing ideal study environments for their children. It extends to include checking on the discipline cases in the learning facility to ensure the students emerge as responsible citizens. Some of the roles of parents in school discipline include the following:

Providing parental guidance

Guidance is a key role of parents in school management. It includes providing the students with information to ensure they can live within the established social standards and ethics. Furthermore, the guidance center allows children to not stray off and get themselves in activities that can taint the reputation of either the school or the parents. Thus, guardians must try by all means to create close relationships with their children to make them comfortable sharing everything in their lives. Such a scenario enables proper upbringing and eradication of cases of indiscipline.


One of the parents’ rights in school discipline is decision-making. It is the foundational determinant as to whether they get a chance to develop policies that guide the students toward the right path. In some instances, the parents have no option but to devise procedures to punish any slideshow of indiscipline in the children. However, such straps are impossible to make when the parents do not involve themselves in school management.


An effective parental communication system is a core component of school discipline. It allows the parents to relay their demands to the students and the teachers, informing proper behavioural conduct within the former. Additionally, proper communication presents a better chance for the parents to teach the students the value of being disciplined and the usual way of conduct.

What is the importance of parental involvement in school activities?

The following are some benefits of having active parents in school management:

It contributes to student success

Increased parental involvement in school activities is a recipe for success. This is because the parents get a chance to monitor the students and are conversant with the curriculum. As a result, they are well-informed to provide the necessary guidance to the students and contribute to their academic journey.

It has enhanced parent-teacher satisfaction

Education is an environment that calls for massive collaboration between different stakeholders. As a result, involvement from each party breeds a sense of satisfaction, leading to a collaborative environment, hence better performance.

Improved school climate

An environment where parents and teachers are concerned with the student’s welfare turns out to be very effective in imparting knowledge. Students feel safe and well taken care of. As a result, they can perform to the expectations of the parents.

Parents play a very critical role in school management. This article presents some of the parents’ roles to ensure their children get the most. Hence, we believe it will be useful to most people and perhaps lead to a change in the school management procedures.


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