Changes in a man after becoming Papa after months of tough spells in Pregnancy. Becoming a papa is one of the most amazing gifts given by God that comes in your life. After waiting and completing the tough spells of pregnancy for months when the doctor’s come out  of Labour Room with the little angel and asks ”Father of this baby, Please come forward” & gives you the little born baby is speechless and amazing.

It is a mixture of immense love, pride & relief. All of a sudden you are responsible for the beginning of a new person in your family and this little one will be all together will be a very special person for your rest of your life .

The little one will grow up in this world looking to you for answers and solving his daily problems. Moreover he is always looking in your eyes for much needed a fatherly influence. After the birth of new born and a father looks to his baby with care and want to give every best things to his child to make him comfortable.

The first change one notices that when he is in market for the purchase for anything related to his new born , he is really conscious about that and checks the thing with certain precaution and carefulness. He wants the thing which he is taking for his child should be of best quality and money doesn’t matters for him at all.

Also in the office father is keen to know about the activities of his babies from his mother. He looks for the best things online for his kid. One of the best change is between the couple is that now the bond of love is more between the couple as the share the same happiness in the new toddler.

Family is also now more connected as Father in law and mother in law shares their happiness in the new born kid. Bahu of the home which is new from the last two years have become a old member as the new member have taken it’s place in the heart of the family. Although it seems to be a huge responsibility but it is also a very rewarding and fun one!

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Changes in a man after becoming Papa after months of tough spells in Pregnancy

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Anshul Bansal is a technical professional and recently became father of a child. He loves to write the experiences & nurturing of his son upbringing in the form of blogs.

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