The best gift given by almighty to an individual is birth of his child. When the doctor comes out of the labour room and gives the new born to his father, that instant is the best moment of the life and the father can’t control his emotions. It’s completely natural tears coming out of his eyes in cheerfulness. But it’s really difficult for a father-to- be to handle his partner at the time of labour as the mother is screaming, moaning, groaning, punching pillows, squeezing his hand. Emotions of Papa-to-be during Labour time is miscellaneous.

At the time of labour Papa-to-be is completely disorganized, feeling dazed and confused.

There is so much anxiety and different thoughts coming in father-to-be as he is one of the best understanding man near the expecting partner and she is keenly looking at him for support and strength. He wishes desperately to be involved in the birth, but isn’t sure what to expect or how to handle seeing his partner in pain.

As mother is critical or aggressive in the heat of labour,

father-to-be should not get upset as this often happens when the pain is very intense. Moreover father-to-be should be always there near her partner massaging her neck, shoulders, and back, helping her to pace the halls in order to try to get labour.

Also the needs of the mother changes as at the beginning, she may want lots of touching and encouragement, and as the experience intensifies, she might withdraw and become very internally focused, ignoring you. But father should behave normal and always kneading her to give moral support and lavish her with praise and encouragement doing a brilliant job. In the end father-to should always be near to his partner and should be positive, encouraging, and loving to his partner in this tough & testing time.

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                                Emotions of Papa-to-be during Labour

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