Transformation of Couple Room after Baby: The room which was having a rosy essence  of Rose petals before the baby suddenly changes to Desi Ghee smell. Desi Ghee smell is due to malish/massage of mother and child in Indian Tradition. Nappies, Wipes, medicines have taken place on the side Tables along the bed which was earlier empty.

Woofers, speakers with TV are switched off permanently as the baby get disturbed with the voice. Also the TV switch is OFF permanently as it is advised by the doctor that the mother should not watch TV at least for 1 month after delivery. The bed which was cozy and soft is now having a plastic sheet beneath the bed sheet due to peeing of the baby.

The baby crying has taken place instead of romantic songs in the room.

Bed which was earlier flawless and clean is now occupied with Kids articles and dresses due to excess peeing of Baby. You must be thinking that it’s only showing the adverse effects of having baby but the main thing “Happiness” comes in the room which went missing after months of marriage.

There were minor quarrels between the couple due to idle subjects of home are now taken by the cheerfulness and activities of the child. Couple finds it’s happiness in the kid and they have a common topic to talk which in turn strengthen the bond between the couple.

Also there is increase light moments in the family & Family is now more connected due to little angel. Overall it’s a great experience to be in and I thank almighty for these beautiful days!!

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                      Transformation of Couple Room after Baby

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