The best gift if a individual can get  from God is having his baby. Baby brings enormous happiness in the house.. After a year of marriage or so, a couple don’t have any common topics to discuss and  talk. There are certainly minor quarrels on some idle subjects of home. But after the entry of new toddler in the family, It definitely fills the emptiness between the father and mother. So Relationship of a couple after Baby becomes very stronger.

The couple finds pleasure in the everyday activities of the newborn child. They have got common topic to talk on. The bond  of love between the couple get more strengthened and enhance their bonding. The joy part which went missing after months of marriage is now more active and the couple is more blissful.

As a father , I experience to desire to go home as soon my work is over in the office to notice the activities of baby. In the afternoon also whenever free, I try to about the well-being of the new born member. During free time searching the internet for kids things will be  usual.

Also as soon as I reach home after the office ,all the day strains and worries get terminated after seeing the baby happenings and activities. I can certainly say this is the best kind of stress buster. Also you are eager to listen about the overall day deeds of the child and you listen with keen interest unlike wife overall day probes which was earlier bullied on you J. You certainly start listening to your wife doubt.

Family is also now more connected as Father in law and mother in law shares their happiness in the new born kid. Bahu of the home which is new from the last two years have become a old member as the new member have taken it’s place in the heart of the family.

Overall I can say it’s really a game changer for your relationship. You start caring more about your wife and you see a great life ahead with your own small family.

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