If your child gets angry quickly, it is because you give too much attention to misbehavior and you give little attention to good behavior.

It is the common habit of the parents to judge their children so much. Parents simply exaggerate the mistakes of their children, thus giving more attention to their bad behaviour. And never highlight the good in them. Parents start yelling at the top of their voice on the kid’s small mistakes not realizing they are just the kids who are still blossoming from a bud. Child, thus, feel hurt and that is why your child might not behave his best when you want him to. Actually they react sharply than to respond. Gradually their behaviour starts changing as a result. Often they become very irritable and gets angry too quickly.  Because, based on their experience, they are haste to come to a conclusion that parents are going to highlight their mistake alone.

Your kid doesn’t want that big gadgets, not that IPad, PS2’s…. They need your love, care and attention. Always give attention to their good behaviour may it be a very small act of him. Try to appreciate and praise him, if he does some small chores too. “That’s so nice of you that you always put your shoes in its place”. “Thank you for bringing a glass of water”. Trust me parents he will feel immensely elated and will try to help you more in your everyday tasks. So just try to give your child some good quality time as a family. And some time where just you two will bond that will make him feel special. Just give him the undivided attention and caring that your little bundle of joy deserves.

Love without condition….

 Show them they are valuable because actually they are…

Don’t be so judgemental…

Learn to communicate to have good relationships….!!!

Happy Parenting with Budding Star

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