In this digital age, we all are webbed in social media covered with technology and various gadgets. My own kids are hooked to the ‘Youtube’. They spent most of their time either watching TV or Youtube. They are too young also to understand that they should not indulge themselves too much in this type of entertainment. However, I am too much worried for them.

I usually believe that technology should be used for healthy entertainment. It should work for us positively, but when we get addicted, it can lead us towards destruction. What I have personally experienced is the change in attitude or behavior. My kids have become more cranky and stubborn. They sometimes behave very differently and don’t listen to us if we ask them not to watch YouTube for such a longer period. Since, we are in nuclear family so apart from me and my husband there is no one else who can play with them as and when they need. So they take my mobile phone or Tablet so as to get entertained. But now I feel it’s a high time to take some necessary steps. So, what I have decided are the following:

  1. Play more games:

    I am going to set some routine for their playtime and study time (though are yet to go to school). I am not going to allow them to use my mobile phone or Tablet all day round. Instead, I will try to play some learning games with them as they cannot go outside alone to play outdoors.

    2. Ask Grandmother to be interactive with kids:

    Though my Mother in law stays in different city but we all can have a good video-chatting session rather than having a simple telephonic conversation. I guess this will helps us in boosting our kid’s language skills because grandparents are usually the best teachers for their grand kids and grandmother will also feel happy to see her kids.

    3. Avoid using mobile phones to soothe:

    Earlier whenever my kids used to get cranky or get stuck to me, I would just give them my cell phone to play and soothe. Which was actually wrong..! But now I am not going to do this. Instead, I would try to be more interactive with them. I will ask them why they are behaving like this. I will teach them to handle their strong emotions by themselves. I hope this will help them to understand their emotions.

So, the above mentioned steps I am going to use for my kids to bring them out of the web of Youtube. However, I accept there are the number of advantages of YouTube or any other social media, but now they are too young to understand all these benefits. I want to show their childhood advantages. We can learn the technology hacks later in our life but this childhood will never comeback and more importantly there is no hack to it…!

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