Parents are happy when their infants sleep well at night and explore the world without constant crying in the daytime. Unfortunately, newborns do not always feel cheerful because of bloating and belly cramps. A breastfeeding mother must usually exclude gassy products from her daily menu to prevent her baby’s meteorism. Sometimes, paediatricians recommend probiotic drops and painkillers when babies feel bad for a long time.

What should parents do when breastfeeding is impossible? Naturally, they must buy good-quality baby formula to provide their infants with the required nutrients. Nevertheless, not all formulas can satisfy the needs of colicky infants. Natural infant nutrition like organic European formula at BabyMilkBar or Organic’s Best is promised to better fit newborns than conventional formula. Is that so? How to find out that your baby is suffering from colics? Let’s learn the answers.

What Is Meteorism and Why Do Newborns Suffer from It?

As a rule, newborns suffer from excessive gasses in their gastrointestinal tracts during the first three months of their lives. It is the main reason for night terrors that most parents experience when their babies cry the whole night and nothing helps. How to recognize the symptoms of colics? Technically, there are five symptoms:

  • a baby cries for no reason usually at the same time every evening
  • a baby’s body is tensed
  • a baby is fussy
  • a vivid expression of pain
  • a baby’s face changes its colour

Even though infants have been suffering from bloating and colics for many years, doctors still cannot find a concrete reason for this disorder to prevent it. Still, they have only several theories to explain it.

  1. A baby’s organism is not yet ready to digest new food, and it needs at least three months to adapt.
  2. A baby’s gut lacks healthy bacteria, so it requires DHA baby formula or supplements for breastfed babies.
  3. Babies suffer from allergic reactions to milk, so the formula must be hypoallergenic or a mother should avoid allergic and gassy products.
  4. Parents don’t follow proper feeding charts with the required breaks that let babies digest food properly.
  5. Some babies have inborn health problems.

Luckily, you can help your baby by choosing the right baby formula if breastfeeding is not your option. Moreover, one should let a baby burp soon after finishing the meal. It helps a baby get rid of excessive gasses and avoid bloating. Moreover, you should massage a baby’s tummy and lay it on its belly to relieve the accumulated gasses.

The Best Baby Formula for Colicky Babies

Sometimes, wrong baby feeding can cause colics in your baby. It happens when a baby gulps too much air because of a big hole in a nipple or non-organic baby formula. Conventional baby formula can cause bloating because it usually contains sugar that increases the number of unhealthy gut bacteria. Consequently, food fermentation causes meteorism.

Organic baby formula does not include sugar, fructose, honey, and artificial taste enhancers. Moreover, one can buy special formulas that help babies receive the required nutrients without side effects. Professionals recommend paying attention to the ingredient list when choosing a baby formula. If your baby suffers from colics, you should buy the one with the following ingredients.

First, prebiotics and probiotics help infants keep their healthy gut bacteria alive. 

Second, 95% of ingredients must be natural. It is better not to buy conventional formulas with GMOs, antibiotics, non-natural preservatives, and added sugars.  

Third, it should better be made of hypoallergenic goat milk and have the required balance of macronutrients and micronutrients.

Finally, brands that produce the chosen baby formula must have a good reputation in the baby food market. 

Choosing the Right Baby Formula for Colicky Infants

What German Brands Provide Formulas for Babies with Colics

Hipp, Holle, Lebenswert Bio, Kendamil, and other European brands you can find at BabyMilkBar produce a top-quality organic baby formula to provide kids with the best nutrients safely.

HiPP Hypoallergenic, HiPP Combiotic, Jovie Organic Goat Formula, and Kendamil Milk Formula are made of natural ingredients without artificial flavours to develop healthy eating habits. These are the best formulas for colic as they are organic, meaning they don’t have pesticides, GMOs, and low-quality ingredients. Unlike conventional formulas, they contain goat milk, which is easier to digest and rich in nutrients a baby needs to thrive.

What Happens If Colic Crying Is Not Addressed

If colic pain in babies isn’t addressed and alleviated by parents, the following complications can arise:

  • Prolonged episodes of crying can cause a lot of distress in babies which can lead to dehydration and sleep deprivation. 
  • It can also elevate the stress levels in babies and parents. 
  • It can also hamper the feeding and sleep schedule of babies, which can disrupt their developmental process. 
  • By incorporating a befitting colic formula in an infant’s diet, you can ease the discomfort and help yourself and your baby to maneuver through the colic episodes properly.  

FAQs on Colic in Babies

1. How do I know if my baby is colic?

It can be a challenging task for parents to identify colic pain in babies. Generally, prolonged episodes of crying in babies that generally last for over a few hours would make you want to get your hands on colic formula for infants. Colic pain in babies is often induced around a specific time and it worsens with certain foods. 

2. What is the main cause of colic?

Although it is difficult to pin down the exact cause of colic crying, digestive factors and overstimulation by external sources continue to be one of the most significant factors. At times, a child can be averse to breast milk/formula milk or certain kinds of foods that can give rise to colour pain in infants. Furthermore, if your child is feeling uncomfortable, that stress can also induce an episode of colic pain. Colic drops have a special colic formula that helps address and alleviate pain in babies. 

3. Is colic painful for babies?

Yes. Being colic is very painful for babies. The intensity and manner of colic crying is far more distressing than normal crying. Colic babies tend to exhibit signs like clenched fists, flatulence etc, during a colic episode.

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