Unfortunately, the COVID 19 pandemic has resulted in many of today’s kids getting the opportunity to experience such extracurriculars, especially in physical means. The COVID 19 lockdown resulted in school classes moving online. The inability to go out and learn something new or have fun productively resulted in children attending online classes getting stressed out and to start opting for negative coping strategies.

Yamaha PSS Series

Kids and Stress

A major reason for this is the monotonous and restricted lifestyle that kids are forced to live due to this pandemic. The most common negative coping strategy against stress that was opted by kids during this lockdown is increased mobile phone usage. Hence, many kids developed a dependence, or rather addiction, towards the mobile phone.

A great way to allow your child to relax and learn something new amidst all of this online chaos is music. What’s easier to master than the keyboard? You should start with something that is basic but nevertheless fitted with updated technology. Then the keyboard that you should get for your child is the Yamaha PSS series. With the Yamaha PSS series, you can encourage your child to learn music with ease, especially during this lockdown.

About the Yamaha PSS series – Best companion for the kids to learn music

The Yamaha PSS series is a series of portable keyboards that was launched by Yamaha. It is a must-have to kickstart the musical journey of your child. This makes it apt for beginners and less complicated for them to learn to play. The Yamaha PSS series has 2 major contenders that are best suited for kids, they are the Yamaha PSS-E30 and the Yamaha PSS-F30.

Yamaha PSS Series

Yamaha PSS-E30

The Yamaha PSS-E30 is specially made for toddlers, keeping small hands and soft fingers in mind. Plus, the Yamaha PSS-E30 has buttons that make vehicle noises, animal noises, and other exciting sound effects, apart from usual musical key sounds. The Yamaha PSS-E30 has an interactive system that conducts quizzes to check whether kids can guess the correct sound effects or notes.


  • USB wire for portability
  • Quiz mode
  • Fun sounds- Animal, vehicles etc
  • Plugin for headphones
  • Mini Sized keys

Yamaha PSS-F30

The Yamaha PSS-F30 is specially made for kids who are above 6 years old. It does not contain the interactive system that the Yamaha PSS-E30 has to attract toddlers, but rather includes a bigger library of familiar songs. Like the PSS-E30, the Yamaha PSS F-30 has mini-sized keys keeping in mind the small hands of kids.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Bigger library of Preset songs
  • More advanced functions, voices and styles
  • Plugin for headphones
  • Indian Voices and styles.

Final verdict:

Be it the Yamaha PSS-E30 or the Yamaha PSS-F30, both products offer customers the chance to access a lot of learning videos with which they can teach themselves how to play the keyboard. Customers can enjoy one video free trial of the version later they can access all 8 learning videos once they buy the PSS keyboard. This promotes self-learning in kids, thus motivating them to learn to play the keyboard on their own. What’s more? The learning material is prepared by professionals who are a part of Yamaha’s world-renowned music education programme. It offers kids to unearth their hidden interest in music and facilitate the growth of their music skills. To access the 8 learning videos, all that you have to do is to buy any of the PSS keyboards and register your name on the official website with the unique product serial number of your Yamaha PSS series keyboard. As simple as that you can gain access to amazing learning material.

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